Online Textbook Access

Please go to http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do to log in to your online textbook. Your username is your full Lamphere Gmail address, and your password is JPMS2019 .
Welcome to Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra 8, or Math 6 Class!  I am excited to have you in my class this year!

Office Hours

Do you need some extra help?  Need to make up a quiz?  Stop by my office hours on Monday or Friday from 2:53-3:23.  If those times don't work for you, let me know, and we can arrange a mutually agreeable day/time.  

You may also ask me for a PRIDE pass to get additional help on assignments or topics that you may have struggled with. 

I don't have office hours before school due to scheduling conflicts.

Daily Schedule

1st Hour    8:10 – 9:07   Pre-Algebra 8

2nd Hour  9:11 – 10:05   Pre-Algebra 8

3rd Hour   10:09 – 11:03   Pre-Algebra 8

Pride        11:07 – 11:30     PRIDE Class meets

4th Hour   11:34 – 12:27     Planning

B Lunch   12:31 – 12:56

5th Hour   1:00 – 1:53     Algebra 1

6th Hour   1:57 – 2:53     Study Skills

I have fourth hour planning, so a great time for parents to reach me by phone is from 11:34-12:27.  If I am not at my desk to receive your call, please leave a voicemail and I will return your call.

Online Algebra Textbook

To access your Algebra book online: 

Go to: www.classzone.com

Select High School Math, Michigan, Algebra 1 copyright 2007.  In the lower left-hand corner, select online book.  Unfortunately, the online textbook for our text has expired, but the access to quizzes, games, and online learning support are still available through this website.

Suggested Supply List

2018-2019 Suggested Supply List

Mrs. Collins Pre-Algebra 8

  •  Pencils and erasers 
  • 2 red math folders
  • Composition notebook
  • TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator
  • 3-5 red pens
  • protractor

Mrs. Collins Algebra

  • Pencils and erasers
  • 1.5” red three-ring binder
  • 5-tab dividers for binder
  • TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator
  • 3-5 red pens
  • protractor
  • Helpful Donations:  4 AAA batteries (for our in-class graphing calculators)

Online Language Arts Textbook

All students now have online access to our Prentice Hall Literature and Writing and Grammar textbooks, and online practice.

Go to: www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

Your username is the same as when you log in on the computer, but your password will be CAPITALIZED two initials and your 8-digit student ID.

Example: A student named John Page whose student ID number is 20001234 would log in as follows:

username: pagejohn

password: JP20001234

Note: Some students with common names will need to add a 1 or a 2 after their name if this username has been used before.  Ex. websterscott1, or smithjohn2.