President - Amber Breshears

Vice President - Samantha Harrison

Treasurer - Ashley Purchase

Secretary - Carrie Pummill

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Food Service Information

High School
Lunch: $1.50 per lunch.

Adult Lunches: $2.60. Extra Milk: $.40.  

Student Breakfast: $ .90 Adults/Second Student Breakfast: $1.50

NO CASH will be accepted in the lunch line. 

All money must be paid in the office to credit your account either weekly or monthly.

This applies for both breakfast and lunch. 


Breakfast Prices PK-6:

Regular - $.90 Reduced - $.30

Lunch Prices PK-5:

Regular - $1.25 Reduced - $.40

Lunch Prices Grade 6:

Regular - $1.50 Reduced - $.40

Students are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the meals available at school.  Students are also welcome to bring a sack lunch. We ask that no sodas are sent in these lunches.  Milk is included with school lunches and is available for purchase with lunches from home at $.30 per carton.  When ten breakfast/lunch charges are accrued, your child will be given a sandwich, fruit and milk versus the regular school lunch until charges are caught up. 

La Monte Community Food Pantry

La Monte has a community food pantry. 

Please contact Jessie Elwell or one of the
local churches for more 

Food  Distributions are the 4th Tuesday of each month from 4 pm to 6 pm at the La Monte Community Center on North 127 across the railroad tracks west of the Fire Station.  

Bring I.D, Proof of Residency and Social Security Cards.

Pettis County Mobile Food Pantry

La Monte Christian Church-every 3rd Thursday from 4-6 p.m.  Bring I.D, Proof of Residency and Social Security Cards.

Lice and Nit Policy 

(Beginning 2019-2020)

Lice and Nit Policy Change information 

Hello parents,

This year our Head Lice and Nit Policy has changed. For the last few years La Monte School was allowing students with nits to be present at school as long as the student had been treated at home. This year the policy has changed to absolutely no nits or lice. We understand that it is very hard to get rid of nits and lice due to the resistance to the over the counter medications. Here are a few suggestions to try along with the medication.

  • Wash all cloth items in hot water and dry using hottest setting possible. If this is not feasible put all cloth items in a sealed trash bag for 2 weeks so the lice can suffocate.  (bedding, book bags,coats, clothing, stuffed animals, etc)

  • Add TeaTree oil to shampoos and conditioners.

  • Saturate infested hair with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil during the night. 

Make sure to follow Lice Treatment instructions to a T. Use Nit comb for removing nits. And Repeat process after 2 weeks even if nits and nice are no longer present. 

I will be starting head checks in the Elementary next week. If anything is found I will be sending the student home. Please be aware that only the parents of the affected student will be informed. Confidentiality is very important. It is important to look over your child's head periodically at home also. I will be doing checks after long breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. I will also do random checks throughout the year if the teacher or I suspect an issue. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the school. Also,  please inform the school if you discover lice at home. 

Thank you,

Erin Purchase LPN

La Monte R-IV School Nurse