High School

As the principal at La Monte High School, I am very excited to see what this year holds for our district.  I know that our staff is dedicated to helping our students develop into successful learners.  Our team of teachers are not only mentors, but advisers, to help students be successful after their high school education.

I have taught in both Kansas and Missouri and been in leadership positions throughout my career.  I will lean on that experience while keeping an open mind to fulfill the needs of our students, staff, parents and community.  Leading La Monte High School is a dream come true.

La Monte R-IV pledges to educate and empower all students through quality education programs that respect individual differences and diversity to achieve lifelong success.

Please feel free to visit our school and check out the wonderful and exciting things that we have happening here at La Monte High School.

Viking Proud,

Lacy Warren



School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBIS)



All Settings

Morning Gym







Follow directions first time asked

Keep personal belongings stored safely

Keep your school clean

Stay in gym until dismissed

Enter school through gym doors

Put trash in the trash cans

Keep all food and drink in the cafeteria

Use a hallway pass at all times

Be in classroom when bell rings

Use water fountain appropriately

Use facility quickly, quietly, and appropriately

Return to class promptly


Be ready when bus arrives

Pick up all trash and put it in trash can

Share seats


Follow the dress code

Use polite language

Let adults be in charge

Be mindful of others’ personal space


Use food and silverware appropriately

Clean up your spills

Wait patiently and quietly in line

Use a quiet voice

Be mindful of other classes going on

Take care of items in the hallways (e.g. posters, displays & personal items)

Keep water in sink

Put all trash in trash can

Listen to the driver

Enter and exit the bus promptly

Use a quiet voice


Notify teachers of unsafe conditions

Keep hands, feet, other body parts, and objects to self

Sit on bleachers

Find a seat quickly and stay in it

Remain in cafeteria until dismissed

Always walk

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

Remain seated after entering the bus

Jessie Elwell,
Jan 21, 2015, 7:08 AM
Jessie Elwell,
Jan 21, 2015, 7:32 AM