Welcome to La Monte Elementary School! I am so excited to be moving over full-time to the elementary side. My heart truly is in the La Monte community and school and I am so excited for the new school year to start to see old friends and to meet new ones. This school is full of caring and experienced staff whose highest priority is to always put children first. They truly are the BEST of the BEST. The mission of the La Monte School District is to educate and empower all students through quality educational programs that respect individual differences and diversity to achieve lifelong success. Our world is constantly changing, and because of these changes, we will continue to adapt and change our approach, strategies, and procedures to provide the most effective learning environment possible. We intend to challenge the students in conjunction with creating a fun learning environment that will provide them with the knowledge and preparation needed for their success. The staff will work diligently to achieve and exceed the goals established by the district, state, and federal government. In the event that problems or concerns arise, we are available to discuss and resolve any situation. Always feel free to call 660-347-5621 to discuss and/or arrange a conference as needed. WELCOME BACK La Monte Vikings - Let’s make this year the most amazing one yet!! 


Mrs. Amber Knoernschild 
Elementary Principal and Special Education Director La Monte R-IV School District

School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS)

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La Monte R-IV School Expectations

All Settings






Arrival & Dismissal




Follow Directions When Asked

Keep School Neat and Clean

Take Care of the things you use

Do Your Best

Keep Going When its Tough

Participate Fully

Ask for Help

Move Safely

Be Timely

Use Facilities Appropriately

File in Orderly

Close Milk Cartons before Throwing Away

Pick-up & Throw Away Trash

Take All and Only Your Belongings

Report directly to Gym or Cafeteria upon Arrival

Sit in designated Spot in the Gym

Leave at Appropriate Dismissal

Listen to Adults

Return Equipment

Collect Belongings



Use Appropriate Language & Volume

Use Good Manners

Show Empathy

Be Timely

Be Mindful of other Classrooms

Give Others Privacy

Appropriate Use of the Salad Bar

Use Good Table Manners

Be Timely

Be Courteous and Aware of other Pedestrians and Drivers

Include Others

Share Equipment

Be Safe


Be Where You Belong

Report things that are not Safe

Use Materials Properly

Be Alert

Wash Hands with Soap and Water

Clean-up any Messes

Dump Trays Properly


Remain Seated, Face the Front

Keep Aisle Clear

Keep Body inside the bus 

Wear Seatbelt

Use Equipment Safely

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