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Fall Sports Contributions
If your student made it onto a fall sports team, now is the for you to make your fall sports contribution.  Make your contribution today at the main office, or by visiting our webstore and making your contribution.  See below for links to the following contributions:

Science Olympiad
It's the time of year where we are gearing up for our academic competition clubs.  We need parents to attend our District Wide Science Olympiad Meeting on September 10 at Wicklund Elementary school to learn more about volunteer parent coaches, invitational competitions, and our participation in local, state, and possibly national competitions.  Here's the information you need:

What: Informational Science Olympiad Meeting
When: Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 6:30pm
Where: Wicklund Elementary MPR

Contact teacher coach Donna Earle for more information at dearle@lammersvilleusd.net

Become a School Peer Tutor
Get High School Credit
Community Service Hours
Did you know if you got a "B" or above, in any of your classes, you could become a Peer Tutor?  Peer tutors can earn up to a full year of elective credit for tutoring students during flex period, during SUCCESS!, and after school.  Training will be provided.  Sign up to become a peer tutor today!  Visit our Peer Tutoring website by CLICKING HERE or just sign up today by filling out our online form here: http://tinyurl.com/mhhspeertutor


Attention all Juniors and Sophomores!  The PSAT test is coming to Mountain House High School for the very first time on October 14th 2015!  The PSAT is an awesome opportunity for you to practice taking a test that is similar to the SAT.  The PSAT is a test developed by The College Board, and the test is NEW this year.  The new test closely mirrors the NEW SAT tests that have been in place for a year already.  The new test has been redesigned to assess a student's ability to solve problems, communicate clearly, and understand complex relationships.  The test is designed to do the following:
  • Measure the essential ingredients for college and career readiness and success, as shown by research.
  • Have a stronger connection to classroom learning
  • Inspire productive practice

The test will be offered this year  Juniors, and any Sophomores who are interested in taking the test. Juniors who take the test will have their scores reported to the National Merit program for recognition as a National Merit Scholar.  (Sophomores are not eligible for this designation, and must take the PSAT again in their Junior year to receive this designation).  After students receive their results from the PSAT, College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to offer more personalized study recommendations that are completely free of charge.  

Because this exam is voluntary, this year's test will cost $20 for each student wishing to take the exam.  We encourage ALL Juniors to participate in this exam, and want to encourage anyone who is interested, and may need assistance paying for the exam to contact their counselor.  

More information about the exam, the content in the exam, scoring, and the benefits of taking the exam are available on the College Board PSAT website.  CLICK HERE to access the website.  

Stay tuned for more information about when and how to purchase your exam!

FREE Driver's Education Course for Sophomores

Sophomores!!!  Many of you are getting ready to turn 16, or maybe already have turned 16.  Did you know that MHHS offers the driver's education course for FREE!!!  All Sophomore are entitled to sign up for this course for FREE!  Visit our Driver's Education Course sign-up page to create your account, and request the course.  As soon as the school verifies that you are a student, you will receive an email allowing you to begin your online, self-paced driver's education course.  CLICK HERE to enroll today.

  Instructional Initiatives  
Chromebook Insurance

All Students and parents are responsible for the care of their Chromebook.  This means that if your Chromebook gets lost, stolen or damaged, you are responsible for the replacement or repair cost of the Chromebook.  One Chromebook actually costs less than all of those books you would have checked out if we had textbooks....AND you won't have to carry around a backpack full of heavy books.
We strongly suggest to parents that you purchase Chromebook insurance for you student's device.  MHHS has partnered with Worth Avenue Group to provide low-cost Chromebook Insurance that covers loss, theft, or almost any kind of damage except intentional damage.  If you are interested in Chromebook Insurance, please visit the MHHS Chromebook Insurance Portal by visiting this web address:  
MHHS and Delta College Early Start/Middle College Program

Did you know that MHHS and Delta College at Mountain House have created a partnership that will allow students to take college courses while they are still in high school, and that we are developing a program where some eligible students can obtain their Associates Degree at the same time that they graduate High School.  For more information, please visit our Early Start/Middle College website by 

EveryoneOn.orgWant to make sure that your student is successful with the new online curriculum at MHHS?  Don't have internet at home?  Don't want to spend an arm and a leg on access at home?  EveryoneOn has options for you.  If your child receives free or reduced lunch through the federal school lunch program,  or even if they don't, you can qualify for free or reduced prices on an internet connection in your home.  Visit EveryoneOn and follow the instructions to find out how to get internet hooked up in your home.  
Mastery Based Learning
One of our goals at Mountain House High School is to make sure that all students have both the academic and technological skill needed to succeed in both college and career.  One way making sure that students are prepared is insisting that they master concepts and skills rather than just simply completing assignments. We inform of students and parents of this system through newsletters, social media and web presence, classroom explanations, and parent events on campus.  Please visit our document about Mastery Based Learning to learn more about what this looks like at Mountain House High School.

Mustang Apps Training
Attention all 2014-2015 MHHS students!  Are you wondering how to prepare for the upcoming school year at MHHS?  Here is a link to our Mustang App Training site:  http://goo.gl/73ILB6