Reliability of mission critical communications networks calls for routine maintenance of infrastructure. Lambda offers affordable contract maintenance  to ensure network reliability and  longevity. When problems to do occur our rapid response call-out service will resolve issues quickly to minimise disruption to customers and services. 
Typically a routine maintenance schedule will include:

  • Inspection of antennas and transmission line components
  • Testing and fine tuning of antenna alignment if required
  • Inspection and replacing of waterproofing as necessary
  • Ground resistance testing and continuity of earthing system
  • Inspection and discharge testing of batteries
  • Preventative and remedial maintenance to poles and enclosures (ie Pressure washing, rust removal, painting)
  • Link performance monitoring and diagnostics
  • Rodent Control (Bait stations)
  • Air Conditioning - Cleaning filters
  • Updating of maintenance records and management of critical spares 
Cleaning, Rust Repairs and Painting of Radio Mast