Fibre Construction: Lambda’s experience in fibre optic network construction covers environments ranging from dense urban cityscape, to rural landscapes. In all cases, skilled installation crews and specialised cable laying equipment is required.

Lambda is skilled in the project and contract management of large multi faceted fibre rollouts. Careful scheduling and dependency management is required across all construction activities for such projects:
  • Trenching 
  • Mole ploughing 
  • Directional drilling 
  • Thrust boring 
  • Aerial installations 
  • Air blown fibre 
  • Micro trenching
The designated Lambda Construction Manager provides the interface between field construction activity and the overall project management. This includes such activities as:
  • Quality control 
  • Health & safety issues 
  • Scheduling 
  • Equipment sourcing 
  • Installation standards 
  • Materials management 
  • Site issue resolution 
  • Contract negotiation 
  • Construction project management 
  • Inspections and audits 
  • As building & documentation 
  • Completion & handover
Fibre Commissioning

Lambda Communications is skilled in the area of Fibre Optic cable network testing and commissioning. Strict application of project management & quality assurance systems and the engagement of experienced fibre contractor’s will provide you with absolute confidence in the resilience of your network. Quality commissioning of your fibre network is critical to the successful roll out of tomorrows networking technologies.

Lambda Communications is skilled in the delivery of end to end fibre solutions. The wealth of experience that Lambda, brings from many years in the industry makes Lambda an ideal partner for establishing fibre based communications networks. Lambda has considerable experience in all aspects of bringing fibre optic networks into service:

Top Left:Road Crossing, Top Right Installing Fibre Access Pit 
Bottom: Ploughing Fibre Cable

Fibre Splicing
  • Tendering 
  • Contract review 
  • Contract management 
  • Project management 
  • Test specifications 
  • Commissioning plans 
  • Network documentation 
  • Cable & joint records 
  • Commissioning reports
  • Pre-installation and acceptance testing
  • Performance audits 
  • Fault location 
  • Fault rectification 
  • Equipment sourcing 
  • Materials Management 
  • Transitioning of networks 
  • Service planning