Lambda has vast experience in commissioning of telecommunications equipment. From Telemetry systems, Multiplex, Wireless Local Loop, Ethernet Systems, Broadcast and Mobile Radio.
Our engineers are also very familiar with many of the back-end systems that interface to such linking and communications systems, providing a simple integration solution with the "larger picture", in many cases we are able to advise on integration as part of the commissioning process.

Having suitable qualified engineers and technicians available for commissioning and fault diagnosis, has proved invaluable for our customers and in many cases eliminated costly engineers from overseas to resolve problems. Lambda staff have many years experience in fault diagnosis, resolution and commissioning

Correct commissioning of equipment is a necessary requirement, even in today's "plug and play" environment, careful design and commissioning overcomes many potential service affecting issues in the future. Lambda prides itself on knowing not only how to install equipment in a professional manner but also how to correctly commission the installed equipment 
Commissioning Power Supplies

Commissioning Multi Sector Base Stations