Introducing Lambda Communications 
Lambda Communications Limited (“Lambda”) was established in July 1994 to provided Engineering, Project Management and Field Services for a number of projects in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. The company has grown steadily and currently has a staff of engineers, technicians and draughtspersons that are pooled on a project basis to meet the particular requirements of clients. 
Lambda is based in Auckland. The company has traditionally specialised in linking and remote area communications but over the years, Lambda has developed to a number of specialist products and a facilities management service. This in particular ensures a high level of after sales support allowing clients to focus on their core business with the assurance that their telecommunications systems infrastructure is being maintained at the appropriate levels. 

As the information technology and  telecommunications industries have converged, Lambda’s maintenance of good process control and an integrated systems
{Lambda} defn' : Lambda is the 11th lower case letter of the Greek alphabet. The overall shape of the lambda suggested a flame to the Romans, and consequently it was used as the symbol for "lampas," their Latin word for torch; Due to its association with light, when the early physicists required a symbol for wavelength, the Lambda was a logical choice; In 1994 the Lambda was taken as the symbol and company logo of Lambda Communications due to the association of wavelength with radio, microwave and fibre optics.