We are the New Zealand agents for Axxcelera Broadband Wireless and have had long association with their leading-edge technology for the deployment of broadband wireless communications over the Internet. 
In NZ's broadband infancy, Lambda Communications project managed, designed and installed 18 base stations using Axxcelera equipment in the licenced 3.5 GHz band for an open access, fixed broadband network.

We have also installed 100's of Axxcelera customer premise equipment (CPE) in the Auckland and Waikato regions including schools in remote areas.

Nearly ten years on this robust equipment is still providing customers high-speed internet (up to 5Mbps upload and download depending on plans) and voip services with superior latency and contention rates.

The network is owned by Compass Communications who provide competitive phone and data packages. For many rural customers Compass wireless is the only affordable broadband option

Now in the WiMAX era Axxcelera's point to point and point to multipoint  products provides a true, standards based  Non Line of Site (NLOS) platform that is a robust, cost effective alternative to wired alternatives. Lambda has assisted in the deployment and support of WiMAX solutions in the South Pacific Region. One of these clients is Unwired Fiji 

Axxcelera Multi Sector Base Station-Sky Tower

Axxcelera CPE - Fiji