Guidelines For League Play

All League Players Must do the following:
1.  Be a USTA member (go to to become a USTA member).
2.  Be a LTA member (click Here to become a LTA member)
3.  Pay court fees to your Captain for each League you play.
     5 Court Leagues - the Captain Must Pay $60 per team
     3 Court Leagues - the Captain Must Pay $40 per team
     Depending on number of players this cost comes to about $5 per player per team
4.  Register for a team at (click Here to register for a team).
League Coordinators Info
Chuck Henkart is the Men's League coordinator for LTA.  Sue Honaker is the Women's and Mixed league coordinator for LTA.
Coordinator responsibilities include: -- Primary contacts with CTA for all adult league related issues -- Interfacing with City of Lakewood for court reservations and court problems -- Assisting LTA NTRP level representatives in acquiring team captains and staffing teams -- Determining home court assignments -- Providing captains with team numbers
The Men's NTRP representatives are your first point of contact for any registration and league related issues. This year's Men's reps are: -- 4.5 Anthony Boone -- 4.0 Greg Aigner -- 3.5 Josh Neugebauer -- 3.0 Vacant. This year's Women's reps are: -- 4.0 Rita Price  -- 3.5 Karla Henkart  -- 3.0 Mary Johanson.
As a reminder, all players MUST be members of both USTA and LTA before they can register/participate in league matches. Once it is confirmed that Linda Wenz has received payment for your team's court fees, you will be given your team number. Fees are $40 per team for all leagues requiring 3 courts and $60 for leagues requiring 5 courts. LTA will continue to subsidize the court fees.
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