JH Rules and Guidelines

JH Policies:

In an effort to challenge students to do the very best in which they are capable in order to Glorify the Father, high expectations for having necessary materials, completing homework well, being punctual, and being good citizens have been set. We have defined the meaning of these expectations, and we look forward to training responsible, respectful leaders.


    v  Come to class prepared!

Each student, unless given special permission, will be allowed three passes to leave the classroom each quarter. Each pass is worth five extra credit points, for a total of 15 extra points for each quarter. When needing to leave the room, the student will sign out on the Pass sheet. If a student uses all of his or her “free” passes, no extra points are given, and the consequences for leaving the classroom additional times are as follows:

                        First offense: lunch detention the same day

                        Second offense: after school detention until 4:00 p.m.

                        Third offense: after school detention and a parent meeting

                        Fourth offense: Saturday School detention


    v  Do your work well and right!

All homework is due on the day it is assigned unless noted otherwise. Any time after the due date, the assignment is considered MISSING. An assignment may also be considered missing if it was not done well (directions not followed, unreadable, not completely finished). When missing homework is completed, partial credit will be given. The consequences for missing work are as follows:

1st offense 2nd Offense                         3rd Offense                                 4th Offense                                         5+

Email parent Lunch Detention--email parents After school detention and call home After school detention and parent meeting SATURDAY DETENTION

For each subsequent missing assignment after 5 in one nine-week period, another hour of Saturday School will be served.

    v  Be in school as much as possible and be on time!

Before the bell rings each period, students should have all materials and be in the classroom ready to learn. Daily, students will have “Bell Ringers,” activities to get them started. Each day a student is absent, a Homework Buddy will prepare a sheet to record homework and reading information. I will read it over and have the proper materials at the homework table. When a student is absent, parents must report the reason to the front office or email attendance@lakewoodpark.org. Students will have the number of days absent plus one to complete work. Please fill out an extended absence request, found at the front office, if your family plans to be gone from school more than three days. Every day a student is gone, important instructional time is lost. Please value being in class as much as possible. Missing tests and quizzes will need to be scheduled for make-up during lunch or before/after school as the classes continue to move forward with new material.


    v  Use Power School as a resource!

Both parents and students benefit by being informed. Power School keeps a record of assignments, shows any missing assignments, and reflects a running total of students’ grades. Please use this link weekly to be clearly informed. It can be found on the JH Website or at lpcs.powerschool.com. Missing assignments will show up as a zero. Any assignment that is blank has not yet been graded and will not affect the overall grade.


    v  Be a Christian citizen!

The first several days of school were spent defining a Christian citizen. Some of the qualities highlighted were the following:

1.     Treat others with kindness and respect.  I Peter 4:8

2.     Be honest and trustworthy.  Proverbs 4:23-27

3.     Obey the rules.  John 14:15

4.     Honor the differences in one another.  Philippians 2:3-4

5.     Work hard for the Glory of God.  Colossians 3:23


Behavior forms will be sent to Mrs. Carnahan whenever teachers see hearts that need some attention or direction. We expect students to follow our defined Christian citizenship attributes. Proverbs 25:28 from The Message states, “A person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out.” At Lakewood Park Christian School, we are in a continuing process of Shaping Difference Makers in Christ. In order to complete that mission, our students must learn, grow, and have guidance to repair the “broken windows and doors” of their hearts. We are so excited about the difference Christ makes in us and in our students’ lives!