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Lakewood Park Jr. High students will take 3 technology components in their series of workshops. One technology workshop will be taught in the Mac Lab. Students will learn a variety of iWorks components including Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Another technology requirement will be taught in the PC Lab where students will focus on developing their keyboarding skills with the Mavis Beacon software program. In addition, students will be practicing their skills with Microsoft Office--Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel. Finally, in another technology workshop, the students will be learning an iPad app called GarageBand. This app turns students into song writers, musicians and recording studio artists.


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Students will finish and present their partner songs this week. They will also create songs to convey a particular emotion or feeling.

Keyboarding NWEA Testing Study Hall

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Workshop 5

8th Grade Spring 2012

Lakewood Park Christian School
**Note: When emailing teachers, include a subject and complete sentences when describing what you are sending.*
Week of April 23-27 2012: Topic Bullying and Cyberbullying


  1. Discuss the knowledge that is present in your brain about the topic of Bullying and Cyberbullying.
  2. Learn new information about the topic.
  3. Analyze what all this means to your life and your worldview.
Everyone will work on this. This is a required assignment to get a Passing Grade even if you have passed Keyboarding.

Computer Application: Pages on the IPad
Record the web references in your notes at the end of your document.
Note: In order to not plagiarize, you must summarize your findings or use short quotes with your sources referenced.
Use Wikipedia for only two facts of information.
  1. MLA Format Write 1500+ word essay
    1. Email to Mrs. Carnahan. Mrs. Branch, and your parents.
    2. Write in complete sentences
    3. Be sure to cover all of the points below
    4. Proofread your work.
    5. Web definition(s) of
      1. Bullying
      2. Cyberbulling
    6. What you have seen in your life with bullying and cyberbullying
      Please discuss (you do not need to use names or identifying factors)
    7. Discuss different ways that a person can be bullied
    8. Should others “fight” back physically and with words?
    9. Discuss at what point you should bring other people into the situation.
      1. Who should it be?
      2. At what point should an adult be told?
      3. At what point should a child’s parent know?
    10. What does the Word of God have to say about this topic?
      Please copy and paste the verses. (4 separate references)
    11. What kind of an effect do you think this has on a person?
    12. Why do you think people bully?
    13. Do you think this is becoming a problem at Lakewood
      1. Bullying
      2. Cyberbullying
    14. Please give your words of advice to help a person who is being
      1. Bullied
        1. Words
        2. Physically
      2. False information is being spread about them electronically
    15. What words of advice would you give to a person who is not functioning, is devastated, is despondent about the gossip and lies being said about them. How can they overcome this?
      Have you had to help someone before?
    16. What can you do personally to not bully someone.
    17. Discuss the ramifications of trying to take something back once it is “out there”
      1. Spoken words
      2. The Internet
    18. What does the Bible have to say about the tongue and words spoken? (two full verse references)
    19. Find two real life stories on how bullying or cyberbullying has had a detrimental affect on a person. Summarize their story in your own words and give your words of advice along with God’s Holy Word. (reference your sources)


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This week the students will complete and present songs communicating the feeling of sadness.  The students will also collaborate with a classmate to create a song.


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Students will begin to create songs using the list of sounds that they gathered. They will also begin to learn basic mixing techniques. 


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This week we start the last rotation. Students will begin to familiarize themselves with the basic functions of the Garageband program.


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This week we will finish up the garage band rotation. Students will create a song using all 8 tracks and no auto plays or loops.


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This week students will create a song for a movie soundtrack. Students will choose from action, romantic comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, or suspense. Students will also create a song this week working with a partner.

Garage Band

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Students will familiarize themselves with various music genres. They will then create songs reflecting the genre of their choice.

Garage Band

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Students will implement mixing techniques into the songs they will create this week. Students will create songs conveying a certain emotion. Students will also finish their song using smart instruments and apple loops.


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As we start a new rotation of Garage Band, students will begin to familiarize themselves with the basics of the program. This will include the use of the available instruments as well as smart instruments. Students will need to download the Garage Band app and have their own headphones.

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