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Bra Burning in the 1960's


During the 1960's, women started protesting for equal rights.  Women before the 1960's were known as housewives and mothers and nothing but those two things.  This aggravated many women and made them feel the need to reform this stereotype.  The 1960's was the time to do this.


One of the ways to protest was the Miss America Protest.  It  happened in 1968 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Women came from all over;
a women drove all the way up from Florida.  At the event about 150 feminists from six cities joined together to show how all women were hurt by beauty competitions. They argued that the contest declared that the most important thing about a woman is how she looks by parading women around like "cattle" to show how they look. All women were made to believe they were inferior because they couldn't measure up to Miss America beauty standards.


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In the 1960's the phrase "Bra Burning" was well known.  People say that very few women actually burned their bras, but many supported those actions.  Women burned their bras because they felt that it proved a statement or made a stand for Women's Rights.  Another reason they burned their bras was because it was a symbol that showed independence of men at the time.  The women that didn't burn their bras often walked around wearing no bra at all.  This was also meant to show independence of men.  Many women thought that it meant freedom to be natural instead of pushed up.  At the Miss America Protest
there were trashcans that women called freedom trashcans.  Women threw things such as bras, girdles, curlers, tweezers, high heels, etc. into them to be burned.