Lakeview Management, Inc. was established in the spring of 1992, mere
months prior to Hurricane Andrew, and specializes in making Associations
work.  We can handle special projects, from bid specs and the proposal
process through the completion of the job.  We track vendor payments,
obtain Releases of Lien, maintain the Warranty information and set up
planned maintenance programs to help get the most for the dollars.
Managers attend Board meetings, help prepare and follow the budget, track
financial and collection issues, maintain violation procedures and help make
Annual Membership Meetings run smoothly.
Lakeview Management provides monthly financial packages, including bank
statements, copies of cancelled checks, delinquency reports, and budget
analyses for both current month and year-to-date.  All checks are presented,
with invoice attached, for the Board to sign.  Our financials are prepared by
an independent CPA with over 20 years of experience in Condominium and
Homeowner Associations.
Our staff of fully qualified, certified and licensed managers is experienced in
all phases of daily vendor supervision and property maintenance with both on
-site and portfolio management.
Both owners are LCAMs, having purchased the firm from the founder prior to
his death 4 years ago.
We don’t do voicemail – but we do everything else!