Membership Drive

If you are interested in finding out more about this wonderful springtime program, please contact our Community Administrator, Nadia: 403-242-8660 or

She is happy to help you become a part of the membership activities.

2019 - 2020 membership

Seeking a Coordinator

The LCA Membership Drive starts May 13th and is one of the most important activities put on by your community association. This 50-year old program works exceptionally well and is the envy of most community associations in Calgary, all due to our volunteer spirit.

This seasonal volunteer position is suitable for someone who enjoys communicating with people, organizing zone captains, canvassing, and writing an article for the News & Views.

  • The majority of the duties will start in April
  • Anticipate about 15 hours of work spread out over the month involving contacting and recruiting a small group of zone captains who organize their areas. These zone captains contact canvassers who will be door knocking or dropping off pamphlets at every home in our community.
  • Depending on the neighbourhood grid, this could take the canvasser approximately 20–50 minutes.
  • We only need one resident to coordinate the program. After this post is secured, we will be looking for more volunteers to be zone captains and canvassers in specific areas of Lakeview.

Contact Nadia at 403-242-8660 or