This webpage is designed for you to find answers to your questions about what goes on during our day in fourth grade.  If you have anything you'd like me to add to the webpage, please let me know!  Thanks for visiting!

Classroom Agreements:

 In order to build and maintain a positive classroom climate where all feel safe and ready to learn, our class came up with these agreements together:
Un nuestra comunidad...
Tenemos nuestros cuerpos en control
We have our bodies in control
Escuchamos a los demás
We listen to one another
Cuidamos a nuestros compañeros y los materiales
We take care of our classmates and our materials
Somos buenos comunicadores bilingües
We are bilingual communicators

Specialist Schedule

A Day: 10:35-11:05 Music

B Day: 10:05-10:35 Chinese

C Day: 9:35-10:05 Phy. Ed.

                      D Day: 10:35-11:05 Art

                      E Day: 8:05-8:35 Phy. Ed. 8:35-9:05                             Music & 10:35-11:05 Library

                      F Day: 10:35-11:05 inquiry

**Please help your child remember to pack tennis shoes for the days we have physical education and his or her library books when we have library!

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