Home Asset Management

One of the most significant problems facing homeowners today is finding reliable workers to take care of the normal maintenance and repairs that are a part of home ownership. Most of the time they don't know who to call and if you get a name and make the call, frequently the person doesn't show up at the agreed on time, if they show up at all.

Many investors have a trusted advisor to manage their investment portfolio. Just as you may have an advisor to manage your investments, Lakeside would like to become the "asset manager" for your largest investment - your home.

Would you like to have a trusted advisor helping you with the recurring maintenance, repairs & small projects around your home as well as general remodeling?

Lakeside will meet with you and together with you, create a vision of the possibilities that are within your home. Together we will refine your vision to include how you would like your home to be within five years time. Then Lakeside will lay out a step by step plan, one year at a time, to make your vision happen within five years. Little by little, you will see your vision take shape, one room or section at a time, until it's exactly the way you want it to be.

What about all those pesky home maintenance chores that pop up every so often, like changing filters in the furnace, air conditioner, water filter system, etc. Who's going to open and close the pool? What about the chemicals? Who's going to clean out the garage and clean the grease stains off the floor. Why not have it all tracked on our computers and when the time you've selected for these tasks comes up, a professional will come and take care of it all for you!

In order to address all these homeowner concerns, we are now offering our:

Home Asset Management Service

Objectives of the Service

  • To provide you, the homeowner with a trusted and reliable partner for maintaining the value of your home and grounds.
  • To assist you in identifying short and long term needs and desires for maintenance, routine service, repairs and general remodeling projects.
  • To assist you in developing a vision of how your home will look in the future upon completion of your long range plan.
  • To develop a comprehensive plan and schedule, which will systematically take care of both these short and long term needs.
  • To eliminate your concerns for scheduling projects, finding reliable workers to perform the tasks and wondering if the work will be done in the proper manner, at a fair cost.