Lakeside Home Inspections

If only owning a house was as easy as owning a car.

Something goes wrong, you take it to the garage, it gets fixed and you pick it up. A little preventative maintenance and you're all set. Do you realize that in many cases we put more time, money and energy into something that depreciates (your automobile) then we do your largest investment (your house). Introducing the Lakeside "Home History Program" - a simple tool to help you maintain the value of your home. And, here is the best part - we come to you! The "Home History Program" provides you with valuable information that will help you preserve your home's value and maintain or improve its condition. It is also a great sales tool should you ever decide to sell your home. Buyers will love being able to make an informed decision!.

We Report:

* The Home History Program starts when you have the initial inspection of your home. At that time, we send you a complete inspection report on the condition of your home through an internet-based report as well as a printed version.

* Photographs and recommendations for areas for improvement are noted in the report.

* At the time of the first inspection we will generate a House Identification Number (HIN™) for your house. This will be a unique number within the System.

We Update:

* The next step in the Home History Program is the yearly home check-up. Beginning on the one-year anniversary of your initial inspection, we will return to check the condition of your home.

* We will document the condition of the concerns that we found on our initial inspection, and provide pictures of your remedies.

* We will inspect for any new concerns that might have cropped up in the first year. Catching these problems while they are small and inexpensive.

* We will update our original report with photographs of any improvements, additions or upgrades made to the home. This is an important feature for your insurance records.

We Store:

* We store the original report with the yearly updates for you to use as a sales tool to prospective buyers when you are ready to sell. The history of your home is all stored on a personalized link.

* If you never sell, you have the value of knowing the condition of your house and the security of having a consultant available.

To arrange an initial inspection:

Contact us by email at or at 226-350-0375