M.L.T.I. at Lake Region Middle School

Bill Callahan
Technology Integrator
Tim Flanders
MLTI Tech Lead/Coodinator

MSAD 61 2013-2014 MLTI Laptop Family Orientation
(for students grades 6-12)

The time has come to prepare for all students in grades six through twelve to be given the opportunity to take their laptops home. Each year parents/guardians and their students are invited to attend a meeting to ensure that they understand the school policies and responsibilities of using and taking home the MLTI laptops. Also at these meetings, you are asked to sign an agreement giving your student permission to take the laptop home.

This year, we are unable to offer an “Online” version of the annual family orientation. Given that students are getting a newer model of machine and much of the information is different we are asking all to attend a face-to-face training session this year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All students must participate in a training with a parent/ guardian, even if they did a session last year.

No laptops can be taken home without the following:

You and your student must participate in a training session together.
All students and parents must sign off on the MSAD 61 MLTI Sign out form (to be

given out at training)to confirm you and your student will adhere to MSAD 61 policies and procedures in regards to computer use throughout the school year. 

Ryan Palmer,
Aug 19, 2013, 5:12 AM