Secondary Qualification Route

Secondary Qualification Route

If a child is tested and does not qualify for STRIVE it does not mean they may not enter the program at another time. If the following requirements are met the district team will review  a child's qualifications for program eligibility.

  • Has progressed to the next higher grade

  • Has been nominated by two or more additional persons (in addition to those making the initial referral)

  • The scores the student obtained on the original intelligence or achievement testing are within the 95% confidence interval that would meet basic eligibility criteria on academic and/or ability testing.

  •  Evidence of ability has been documented by a portfolio of work showing the student’s exceptional ability.

Portfolio Requirements: Document in bold below are required to be included in students portfolio's. Other suggestions are to show students individual abilities and interests. Please contact the gifted and talented instructor for more guidance on the portfolio route. 
  • District Referral Form from new person
  • Students letter of interest in the program
  • Parent letter of interest in program and referral for child
  • Letters of recommendations 
  • Examples of exemplary student classwork
    • this may include projects, writing samples or evidence of a heightened depth of understanding. 
  • photo's of creative examples of work
  • Examples of program, club and outside organizations student is involved in
  • Leadership examples