Gifted and Talented Education
Strengthening Talents, Reasoning and Intellect Through Varied Experiences

The Gifted and Talented Program in Lakeland School District (formerlly known as S.T.R.I.V.E. Strengthening TalentsReasoning, and Intellect through Varied Experiences)  meets the needs of highly-capable students in a pull-out format in grades 4-8 by allowing them to study in greater depth those subjects and areas of interest in which they excel.

The GATE program focuses on developing problem-solving skills, enhancing communication and leadership techniques, and promoting creative thought. Students also develop independence in learning and improve their research skills through Advanced Learning Projects on topics ranging from computer programming, conducting scientific research, developing artistic skills, and robotics, to movie making and service learning projects.

Eligibility for GATE based on criteria established by the State of Idaho. Students are referred for testing by teachers or parents, who notice their exceptional abilities. Students must score at or above the 98% on individual intelligence measures, achievement tests, and creativity assessments to participate in the gifted program. 

Placement in GATE. allows highly-capable students to challenge themselves in areas of interest and to develop their thinking skills to the fullest capacity.