Yong Luo (骆咏) 


Field: Forest Ecology, Predictive Ecology and Data Science
Specialty:Forest Succession Modeling

Forest mensuration
Data Management, Compilation, Analysis and Visualization
Assessment of impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems
Address:Forest Inventory and Analyses Branch, FLNRORD,
PO Box 9512 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, V8W 9C2, BC
Email: Yong.Luo@gov.bc.ca
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Research interests
(1) Develop forest succession models at spatial scales in R environment with Dr. Eliot McIntire
(2) How the tree mortality is governed by endogenous factors, such as competition, aging, and species interaction with Dr. Han Chen.
(3) How the tree mortality affected by recent climate changes such as regional warming and drought with Dr. Han Chen.
(4) The consequences of mortality in terms of forest carbon sequestration with Dr. Han Chen