Phase 3 Statistics & Epidemiology Review

PowerPoint files for the Phase 3 Statistics & Epidemiology Review can be downloaded below. 
  • Introduction (uploaded 25-Jun-2013)
  • Part 1 (uploaded 25-Jun-2013)
    • Screening & Diagnostic Tests
    • Epidemiological Measures of Mortality & Morbidity
    • Standardization of Rates
    • Measures of Association
  • Part 2 (uploaded 25-Jun-2013)
    • Critical Appraisal: Characteristics of Study Designs
    • Critical Appraisal: Measurement Issues
    • Critical Appraisal: Other Stuff You Should Know
  • Part 3 (uploaded 25-Jun-2013)
    • Sampling & Subject Allocation
    • Criteria for Assessing Causation
    • Graphical Presentations of Data
    • Overview of Hypothesis Testing
  • Errata (uploaded 24-Apr-2017).
Note that these files do not include narration.  Versions with narration can be downloaded via MyCurriculum.  Please note that the latter may not include corrections noted in the Errata document.   

Last updated:  24-Apr-2017