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My own notes
  1. prob_hyp.pdf. Probability & hypothesis testing.
  2. nonpar.pdf. Nonparametric (mostly rank-based) tests. Click here for further note concerning calculation of T for the Wilcoxon signed ranks test.
  3. categorical.pdf. Tests for categorical variables (e.g., chi-square, Fisher exact, etc). Assumptions for chi-square tests are summarized here.
  4. z_and_t_tests.pdf. Notes on z- and t-tests. See also Assumptions for t-tests and the Unequal Variances t-test.
  5. anova1.pdf. One-way ANOVA. (Updated on 7-Jul-2003.)
  6. multcomp.pdf. Multiple comparison procedures. Click here for a flow-chart.
  7. anova2.pdf. Two-way ANOVA. This shorter version is recommended to students in the BHSc stats class.
  8. linreg.pdf. Simple linear regression. Here is a brief note on the coefficient of determination.
  9. multreg.pdf. Multiple regression. Also, here is a note on rules of thumb concerning how many variables you may safely include in a regression model.
  10. anova_regression.pdf. Similarities between one-way ANOVA and linear regression.
  11. ancova.pdf. Analysis of Covariance.
  12. pcafa.pdf. Principal components analysis and factor analysis.
  13. Note on odds ratios in multinomial logistic regression.
  14. A t-test for the difference between two non-independent Pearson correlations.
  15. Errata and clarifications for Biostatistics: The Bare Essentials, by Norman & Streiner.
    • 2nd edition
    • 3rd edition (I haven't had time to work on this yet!)
  16. PowerPoint slides for an Introductory Biostatistics course I taught.
Notes by other folks Newsgroup posts & other stuff I found interesting

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