Welcome to the Lake Mills High School Art Department website!I'm excited at the opportunity to share things about our program, artists in our high school and community, and the amazing artwork and creativity of my awesome students! The kids I see in my classroom each and every day, truly bring a smile to me daily and remind me why I love being an art teacher!

SO why am I an art teacher? I tell my students all the time that I became an art teacher, because I believe that there is not a perfect or right solution for anything, nor one way to find the answer! The world is full of interpretation, self-reflection, and self-growth. My goal is to engage my students to discover how they artistically fit into this world. Sometimes, they don't discover that until after they are done taking my art classes, but hopefully I have given them the tools, self-confidence, and an excitement to continue to discover themselves after high school! The greatest wins are when students come back as young adults and share with me their discoveries...their education, their families, their travels, their job, and what was exciting and enriching to them along the way. Every person's journey is unique...unique to them and unique in the way of the path. I hope all have the confidence to take their path...one step at a time in a cadence that makes the student dance as they go.

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