12th Grade Research Project


A Research Journey
4th Quarter ~ Research Project   - Individual and Group Research

Content Area: Reading, Writing and Communicating
Grade Level Expectations: Twelfth Grade

Two Major Project Grades Will Be Taken
1. Debate - group:  Debate Case, 3 Completed Ballots, Flow Chart, Video Link to Global Audience   AND/OR
 Digitial Media Project for a Global Audience - group : presentation scheduled in class - see rubric
    Lead with Inquiry Question - Synthesize all individual topics into one organized presentation using 3 or more different medias. 
2. Research Paper - individual - see rubric    Eng IV  4-5 pgs with annt. bib         Honors IV   7-8  with annt. bib
Post drafts to Criterion for revisional feedback - Final draft post to Turnitin.com  (papers not submitted to this site will not receive a grade)
    Checks of understanding and assignment grades will be taken as well.

Main Standard: 4.


Keep track of the technology you use. Think about how it helps to solve the problems you run into!


How do I write and develop a research question?
How is research conducted?
How can I generate my own research?
What is primary and secondary source information?
How is information organized?
Why is information organized in different ways?
What is the research journey?
Why is research an important 21st century skill?
Concepts and skills students master
1. Independent and Dependent research designs - 
2.  Articulate and defend information, conclusions, and solutions that address specific contexts and purposes
3. Use technology
4. Work as a community of scholars
5. Reach a global audience
    See Evidence Outcomes


1.  Selection of topic



The stduent will pose a RESEARCH QUESTION on a topic that they has interest in and can find sufficient information about to write a research paper and create a corresponding multi-media presentation. 

Developing a RESEARCH TOPIC Link


Research Links

 Individual Research Question: written by individual


Mini Lesson - Easy Bib

Wait? I can't just use GOGGLE?  What other research tools are out there?

Mini Lessons: logos, ethos, and pathos
Preliminary Research : Primary and Secondary Source
                                    Developing  surveys and other forms of gathering original research
Formulate a Research Question/Thesis Statement


Collecting your sources and the ANNOTATED WORK CITED    (MLA Format)

6. Debate Project - Division Of Labor – who is doing what? Teacher Conference/Mini Lessons

Resolution Examples:  Resolutions in this kind of debate are usually stated as propositions of value.  Although the propositions are sometimes related to issues of policy, this is not always the case.  Typical resolutions include:  

"The spirit of the law ought to take precedence over the letter of the law to enhance justice,"

 "Cooperation is superior to competition," "Violent revolution is a just response to oppression," etc.  


Resolved: The plays of William Shakespeare should be attributed to Edward DeVere.

Time limits for debate are:

Debate Format                     6 min prep time may be used as needed - suggested times are below

6 minute Position Presentation - Pro/AFF

6 minute Position Presentation - Con/NEG

    2 minute prep time    if needed

4 minute Rebuttal - Pro/AFF

4 minute Rebuttal - Con/NEG

  2 minute prep time  if needed

2 minute Response - Pro/AFF

2 minute Response - Con/NEG

   1 minute prep time if needed

2 minute Position Summary - Pro and Con

2 minute Position Summary - Pro and Con

Case outlines for both Aff and Neg speakers will be collected for points

Students conduct a debate and video the project – see assignment sheet and instructor
debate rubric –
Students will create  Self Evaluating Rubrics
See below for forms
Debate Evaluation
Evaluating Ourselves and our Peers
The following evaluations must be complete:
a) group   to be completed as a group  - reflective evaluation  -  See below to download Debate Group Eval Form
b) individual   -  to be complete as an individual -See below to download Debate Individual and Peer Work Group Evaluation Form
c) ballots 3 second party adults – parent/community member
Students will design a delivery system of video and evaluation forms using technology :ie: website
upload/ wiki/ blog - see debate rubric

Graded Items:  Case (from each team member)  Ballots for at least 3 judges   Team Evaluation (see form)
Video of debate


7. Multimedia Group Project - Division Of Labor – who is doing what? Teacher Conference
Student groups will create an academic persuasive project using technology
ie: Power point, Dateline news magazine, Documentary – group choice

A 20-25 minute multi-media presentation will be presented by the group - all group members have the responsibility to contribute tot he project and have an active part in the presentation on the day the presentation is scheduled to present.

The group is required to invite outside audience members: parents, principals, mayor. President of the United States to names a few ideas!

To be presented to the class for instructor and peer evaluations

Grading Criteria - Click here to see Criteria

 Evaluating Ourselves and Our Peers – see assignment sheet and instructor rubric
The following evaluations must be complete:
a) group  - complete this following your presentation - but turn it in the same day as presentation
b) individual - complete before the presentation and turn in to instructor at the time of your presentation

Power Point Tips

RUBRIC is located at the bottom of the page - Print off a copy and read it carefully.


8. Research Paper     5 – 6 page research paper – see assignment sheet and instructor rubric
Bibliography MLA

OJC Rubric or LJHS Rubric


MLA style – 1” margins – 12 pt. Times New Roman – Double spaced – Annotated Works Cited or  bibliography with 8-10 sources and 3 genres (same research may be used for paper and presentation)

RUBRICS -  Click on the link at the bottom of the page and print a copy and include it with your paper.

How do I credit sources in my paper?

In MLA style you briefly credit sources with parenthetical citations in the text of your paper, and give the complete description of each source in your ... 

The author's last name and page number(s) are placed in parentheses in the text to give credit to sources.

For example, in your paper you write:

          In their Preface, the authors point out that "Learning Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is like learning any new language, computer or human" (Musciano and Kennedy xi).

If you cite another paragraph from the same work, or if the author or authors are clearly indicated in your text, common sense dictates that you only need to add page number(s) for the citation. For example:

          Musciano and Kennedy suggest that we should avoid breaking tags across lines in our source document whenever possible to promote readability and reduce potential errors in HTML documents (41).

To cite information obtained from the Internet, in your text you write, e.g.:

          On May 2, 2002, some 4500 students wrote the difficult University of Waterloo, Physics Department, Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) Examination.  Amazingly, there were three perfect papers!  Two team members from Don Mills Collegiate Institute broke Waterloo's SIN record not so much for finishing First Place but both students on the team had perfect exams ("SIN 2002").

In your Bibliography, your entry for this parenthetical reference would read:

"SIN 2002 Book Prize Winners." U of Waterloo. 3 Nov. 2002

If your citation refers to a Web site by four or more authors, e.g. Charlie Harris, Laurence A. Moore, Steven Blacher, Yvonne Hewett, and others entitled: "URLs for a Rainy Day" found at <http://www.purefiction.co.uk/pages/res2.htm>, in your essay you write:

            A really useful Web site (Harris et al.) that compiles various URLs recommended by users has been created by a group of individuals in the United Kingdom.




Multi-media Presentation Ideas - one or in-combination 

Focus in on the reseaarch question and develop an in-depth presentation for a Global Audience.    RUBRICS BELOW - see link

1.         PowerPoint presentation  or some other creative media

  • Power Point Tips

The Graph Gaffe 
Bullet Pointless
Color Clasher

Slide Animations


Watching your read - Don't REPEAT yourself


How To Record an Interview in a Google Hangout

Grading    The research, writing, and creating of the research project will continue over an extended period of time (approximately 3-5 weeks).  Over that period of time it is expect that the students will make daily/weekly progress towards set deadlines that will be monitored and graded.  Work time outside the class will be required to meet deadlines and complete project.


See handout provided to studuents.

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