Standard 7: Communication

Goal: Write and speak clearly and logically in essays, blogs, and multimedia presentations.

First Quarter:
My A&P Funk video is a multimedia presentation that I feel speaks clearly and logically. Even though in my online grade book this video is not under this standard, I feel that should be reconsidered because I think this song communicates well and that communication helps the audience to understand the topic.
Second Quarter:
This quarter I would say that a lot of my communication was not written, but rather spoken. I do have essays, blogs, and multimedia presentations to back up the writting part of my communication, but I say most of my communication was done orally throughout semester because we had a lot more hands-on projects. For example, when learning the skeletal system we did a group project in which we each had to memorize as many bones as we could for different sections of the body, I had the outside of the skull (a picture example can be found here). In this project I really had to communicate well with my teammates to make sure they were doing their job because it counted as a joint grade and to make sure that we were each doing our own parts and not over-lapping any of the body parts because we only had 4 minutes to label the whole body. The second time I really used communication in the classroom was in the EMG lab. The more we communicated the easier it was to work in a well organized and educational way to be efficient in the time we had to preform the lab. Finally, another time I communicated was while doing this last poster project. Posters aren't a common type of presentation anymore because they aren't as fancy, but we shouldn't stop making them either because I realized how much communication and effort it takes to make this group project. We allowed ourselves to have small groups so that it would be easier to mesh all of our ideas into a great poster that would be able to give a clear and logical presentation of the information. Next steps here include using my communication skills to teach this information to the class so they also understand the muscle anatomy of the muscular system.
Third Quarter:
Communication is so important in the world today and I feel like that is one of the major points of these blogs and portfolio's in general. Communication is a way of learning in itself; if we choose to communicate well then learning just becomes so much easier. I feel throughout my blog everything has been communicated pretty well, but two posts that I feel are really easy and fun to understand are my Neurophysiology Leech Lab and my Vision and Optic Nerve Video. The Neuro Lab is written very simple with correct and important information and the Video is a visual/auditory way to learn which can seem to be more interesting and easy to understand.
Fourth Quarter:
Communication was just as important this quarter as any other. I really realized this quarter that not only did we use communication in labs and projects such as our Caridovasular Lab (Music and The Beat) and the Cat Dissection, we used it in the classroom and everywhere else. In these specfic labs, we used communication to know who was doing what so that we utilized our time the best we could, to give imput on others work to help and stregthen their parts, and just to make the overall flow of everything come together. In the classroom we often used communication written, through media, and orally to help everyone get a simpler and stronger understanding of everything we were telling them. Communication was a big part of this quarter and I feel I really communicated and worked well to benefit everyone, including myself!