E: Skeletal System

Goal: Understand the structure and function of the skeletal system.

   This prezi displays all that I learned about bones. In this prezi I broke the topic of bone into 3 different categories. These categories included bone structure, bone development and growth, and bone fractures and breaks. I did 3 sub categories for each of these topics and then a few even have subtopics within the subtopics. This is a rather large post but it shows all that I know. 
    For a short piece of self-reflection I would say that I really like using Prezi because it helps me to remember the information much better than the book or notes or lectures. The whole idea of me picking the information to use and typing it myself really helps me to remember the facts. I can use this information again when I take classes for nursing, when I biology, and even in everyday life. Soon we will learn all of the bones in the body so I could help others know which bones are where, I know which parts of the body has little bones that we must be careful about, and I may be able to help determine breaks and fractures and on which bone they may be located. I feel like I'm learning pretty quickly as I go, but this is a hard subject so I'll need to pay attention. Next steps include learning all the bones of the body and finishing up the skeletal system. Overall things are going well and looking positive as I move along! Check out my post and enjoy it :)

I also have taken a quick bone quiz. I got a 95% on this quiz, but it should have been 100%. I made an honest mistake in my multiple choice saying that the yellow marrow is located in the epiphysis rather than the canal in the middle of the bone. It was D and I accidentally picked A. As far as understanding that goes to show that I am understanding this topic very well and hopefully my post above will show that as well.

Our final skeletal project, before moving onto the next section, was a group project where we had to work together to remember all the bones in the body. I had the section of the outside of the skull (a picture example can be scene here). You would be surprised how many bones are in the skull alone! My group spent about a week preparing for this test. For the test we had to have prepared sticky notes to attach to each bone on a skeleton figure of our body part. We had a total of 4 minutes to stick as many sticky notes on our skeletal part. That may seem like a long time, but when we were testing the time just seemed to slip away. I had a total of 45 sticky notes to place on the skull and during the 4 minutes I was able to place all of the notes in the correct places. My group as a whole set the top record for this test by together labeling 181 bones. The next highest groups in the class got 119 and 111, so clearly our group knew our parts well and were able to preform quickly. We got 100% on this test and we learned the skeletal system in a fun effective way!