Children's Theatre of La Junta


Our mission is to give students a professional theatre experience. This means a professional, personal, and the creative perspective on the crafting of theatre. We strive to create an environment where both the creative process and a professional performance experience are spotlighted.



Now in our 20th year!
Directed by Kelly Jo Smith

First Meeting

FRIDAY May 10 Organizational Meeting  (6:00 PM) chg to 5:30 PM due to dance recital company picture

- get measured for costumes

6:30 - 8:00 -  Music Rehearsal MR in Music Rm : Fixer Upper and Hygge

7:00 MR in  Aud Let the Sun Shine On, For The First Time

Dangerous To Dream - Colder By The Minute, Finale 1 & 2

Pick Up 8:00 PM



Townspeople of Arendelle

Kaydence Lagergren

Liliana Barela

Acynn Good-Coates

Teagan Mendoza-Werner

Peyton Schmidt

Thomas Smith-Pumalpa

Lilly Klein

Kenzie Grasmick

Elin Molina

Charlize Pearson

Mariah Gallegos

Grace Gardner

Heidi Palmer

Bishop - Petyon Schmidt



Coronation Guests

Miah Rapp

Ethan Malec

Chloe Nunez

Mariah Gallegoes

Andrew Benjamin

Taylor Sproul

Thomas Smith Pamulpa


Snow Chorus  

Acynn Good-Coates

Sadie Buhr

Kaydence Lagergren

Elise Havens

Teagan Mendoza-Werner          

Teagan Summer

Lilianna Barela

Grace Gardner


Castle Staff

     Housekeeper - Bethany Taulie

     Butler - Jose Garfio

     Handmaiden -Bridget Briscoe

     Cook -  Teagan Summer

     Steward - Christian Smith-Pumalpa



Young Anna - Emilia Smith - Pumpalpa

Middle Anna - Elise Havens

Anna - Willow Johnston


Young Elsa - Maranatha Hoyt

Middle Elsa - Sadie Buhr

Elsa - Hannah Smith


King Agnarr  - Matthew Martinez

Queen Iduna  - Caitlynn Dieckmann


Kristoff - Aiden Rapp


Sven - Andrew Benjamin


Hans - Austin Kurtz


Weselton - Braden Langston


Olaf - Torrin Mendoza-Werner


Oaken - Jose Garfio


Oaken Family 1 -Mariah Gallegos

Oaken Family 2 - Lilly Klein

Oaken Family 3 -  Christian Smith-Pumalpa

Oaken Family 4 -  Charlize Pearson and  Elin Molina


Hidden Folk   


Pabbie - Noah Nunez-Rebel

Bulda -  Kelli Lofing


Tashtyn Mendoza-Werner

Gianna Ayala

Chloe Nunez

Lilanna Barela            

Kenzie Grasmick

Shelby Klein

Lilly Klein

Peyton Schmidt

Miah Rapp

Ethan Malec

Crispin Encinias

Mariah Gallegoes

Emilia Smith Pumalpa

Thomas Smith Pamulpa


Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  We did not cast everyone and wish we had more parts to go around. We had lots of talented individuals and know this production is going to be a great adventure!!




1. I will arrive on time and prepared to rehearsal. I will not invite guests to rehearsal.

2. I will bring a pencil to all rehearsals. I understand that I can bring a phone to rehearsal, but I should not have it out on stage and I should study lines and songs when not on stage.

3. I will sell tickets to this production and meet all deadlines for turning in money and tickets. All ticket business must be completed by our Friday Performance unless discussed with ticket manager.

4. I will learn my lines and blocking and meet all deadlines.

5. I will support my fellow actors in this creative activity and I will be quiet and respectful backstage.

6. I understand that after 2 unexcused absences, I can be dismissed from the production.

7. I will turn in all conflicts with the schedule by the end of the first rehearsal week. I understand that this does not   mean they will be excused. Please schedule dr, dentist, birthday parties so they do not conflict with rehearsals.

8. I will show respect to every adult and fellow actor involved in this production.

9. I will only touch props that are mine and I will return them to the prop table.                                                         

 10.I will not use or take anyone else’s script. I will not take another actor’s personal items or money. I understand that if I bring money or other valuable items I run the risk that they may be stolen.

11. I will begin thinking about my makeup and hair style now.

12. I will have my costume by the due date or have rented costumes ordered.

13. I will work to the best of my ability by showing professionalism at rehearsals and during the production.14. I will become a risk taker and have fun exploring the creative world of theatre.

Parents, we have lots of volunteer spots in which we need your help. Please let us know you are willing to help by checking that box on the audition form.


  • Narnia   2000
  • Cool In The Furnace 2001
  • Annie  2002
  • Les Miserable school edition  2003
  • Beauty and the Beast 2004
  • Act One Drama Camp  2005
  • The Mirror Man  2006
  • How To Eat Like A Child   2006
  • The Jungle Book   2007
  • The Aristocats  2008
  • Aladdin  2009
  • The Legend  Of Pocahontas 2010
  • My Son  Pinocchio  2011
  • Charlotte's Web 2012
  • Tarzan 2013
  • Shrek 2014
  • Mary Poppins 2015
  • The Wizard of Oz 2016
  • Madagascar 2017
  • Beauty and the Beast 2018
  • Frozen 2019

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The Children’s Theatre of La Junta is under the direction of Kelly Jo Smith.


Rehearsals Begin May     at 6:30 - 8:00 PM
at the LJHS Auditorium

June 1  12:30 - 3:30 PM