Standard 3: Lab Skills

Goal: Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and purposes behind the tools and procedures commonly used in anatomy and physiology labs. Be able to identify gross anatomical and microscopic features of specimens as required.

Click here for the link to my post on histology which includes my histology lab.

  • In the histology lab I looked at eleven different types of tissues under 100x and 400x magnification. These tissues included three epithelial, three muscle, two nervous, and three connective. In order to capture what I was seeing through my microscope my group used a program on the computer that allowed us to hook up a camera to the microscope and capture images. We then used these pictures in our posts to show exactly what we were seeing. This lab really aided in strengthening my ability of using a microscope and focusing it at different levels of magnification. It also strengthened my ability of identifying tissues and their structures under a microscope. This post about the histology lab earned me a four in lab skills.

Passed microscope skills test.

  • This microscope skills test was a quick test to show that I was able to focus a microscope. In order to pass it I just had to grab a slide and bring the slide into focus. This only earned me a three in lab skills, but the histology lab I did showed my ability to focus a microscope at a little higher level and boosted that three up to a four.

Click here for my post about the heart dissections.

  • Performing the heart dissection was a great way to show that I not only have proficient skills at dissecting, but I also have the ability to identify anatomical features of different species. During the heart dissection, I dissected a cow heart and located and measured the different anatomical features of it. I also located and measured the anatomical features of a sheep and pig heart. In this post you can see that I was able to use the information I collected to create a compare/contrast graph per anatomical feature. Performing this lab really strengthened my ability to use lab tools. For this dissection I earned a four in lab skills.