School Community Council

King Kamehameha III Elementary School

School Community Council


This page provides information to stakeholders about our school’s finances and operations for the School Year 2018-19 via our Academic Plan and Comprehensive Financial Plan. Our School Community Council (SCC) made up of principals, teachers, staff, parents and volunteer community members, helps to craft and approve these plans for the following school year. If you are interested in joining our SCC, please contact Claire Tillman.  Learn more about the School Community Council on the Hawaii DOE website.



King Kamehameha III

School Community Council

Board Members

2018 - 2019



                                                            Steve Franz                                       Principal

                                                            Dianne Lagbas                                   Chairperson

                                                            Claire Tillman                                     Secretary

                                                            Laura Hussey                                    Staff

                                                            Jen Mather                                        PTO/Parent

                                                            Dorcas Cashman                              Parent


School Community Council Meeting

Agenda for October 29, 2018 Meeting

1. Welcome

2. Review Roster

3. Elect Chairperson

4. Review Updated Handbook

5. Schedule SCC meetings for the year

6. Set Dates for 2 SCC Community Meetings

               #1 Revisions of the schools 3 yr AFP

               #2 When revisions of 3 yr AFP nears final draft

7. Other

8. Next meeting Date

9. Adjournment


King Kamehameha III Elementary

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2018

Principal’s Office


Principal’s Office


Present: Steve Franz, Claire Tilllman, Laura Hussey, Jen Mather.

Absent: Dianne Lagbas, Dorcas Cashman


Call to Order: 2:20p.m.


The roster was reviewed and will be revisited when all members has had an opportunity to review it.


Mr. Franz briefly gave an overview of the SCC and the responsibilities, commitments and expectations of the members. We briefly reviewed the SCC Handbook.


Dianne Lagbas has been nominated to be the Chairperson. It will become official when all members are present.


We have set December 14 for our first Community meeting to review and discuss the Academic and Financial Plan. We set April 18 for our second Community meeting.


Our next board meeting will be on December 13, 2:15pm in Mr. Franz’s office.


Meeting adjourned at 3:00p.m