August 7, 2017




Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents/Guardians:


AHERA requires our school to notify the faculty, staff, parents, and guardians of the presence and status of asbestos containing materials in our school buildings.  The law further requires a management plan based upon the findings of the initial inspection.

We have conducted the required six months surveillance in June, 2017 and will complete the next surveillance in December, 2017.

The results of the recently completed surveillance indicate there have been no changes in the condition of the asbestos containing materials in our school buildings.

A copy of the inspection and the Asbestos Management Plan are available for your review at the Safety and Security Services Section of the Department of Education (DOE).  Please contact Mr. Randall Higa at (808) 586-3457 for additional information.




Steve Franz


CC:  Safety and Security Services Section, DAS

A Brief History of King Kamehameha III

A little prince was born and destined to be the longest reigning king of Hawaii nei.  His father was King Kamehameha I and his mother was Keopuolani, one of the highest ranking ali’i of old Hawaii. His brother, Prince ‘Iolani Liholiho, and his sister, Princess Nahienaena, complete his family.

The little prince had two birthdays: August 11th, 1814 and March 17th.  He chose to celebrate his birthday on March 17th after he heard about St. Patrick from an Irish friend. Hence our celebration of him today, March 17, 2017.

After his father, King Kamehameha the Great had passed away in 1819, Liholiho became King Kamehameha II and ruled the islands with Queen Kalama.  Unfortunately, it was a short reign as both rulers died of measles while visiting the Queen of London, in 1823.

That meant that the Little Prince, Kauikeaouli, would now rule the islands as King Kamehameha III. He was only 10 years old; therefore, he was given a Kuhina Nui, a person to rule with him. That honor went to Ka’ahumanu until her death in 1832.  King Kamehameha III was 19 years old and considered too young to rule alone.  So he was given another Kuhina Nui, and that person was his half-sister, Kina’u.  Kauikeaouli and Kina’u did not always agree on what was best for the people.  He terminated Kina’u’s position, and on March 15, 1833 he took control of the government.  He told the people that he alone would rule.

He had his sister, Princess Nahienaena beside him as one with whom he could confide and who was his friend until her death in 1836. She was only 20 years old. This left King Kamehameha III depressed and saddened as he was now all alone.  His immediate family had all gone before him.  He kept, however, the foundation, the roots of his upbringing. 

King Kamehameha III died December 16, 1854 at the young age of 40.  During his reign, he accomplished many things:

·       He created the “Declaration of 1839” which brought religious freedom.

·       He wrote the “Constitution of 1840” which was a democratic constitution, one that gave the Hawaiian men voting rights and enabled them to hold office or be appointed to one.

·       He wanted Hawaii to be the “Kingdom of learning” so he set up schools throughout the islands for the future leaders.  Lahainaluna, founded in 1831, was one of the first schools for the                commoners.

·       English became the official language during the end of his reign, in business, education, government, and foreign affairs.

·       He moved the capital from Lahaina to Honolulu since there were more shipping and business activities there.

·       In 1848 King Kamehameha III wrote the “Great Mahele” which meant that the working people of Hawaii could now own land.

·       Finally, the new Constitution of 1852 gave greater power to the people in running the government.

And his motto lives on in all of us:  “Ua mau ke ea oka ‘aina I ka pono.”  The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

Happy Birthday to our school’s namesake King Kamehameha III.


All Students are expected to wear clean, neat, and modest clothing to school. Even if a student has a uniform waiver, the student will abide by the following dress code:

  • School Uniform - as described in the King Kamehameha III Elementary School Uniform Policy.
  • Footwear - must be worn.
  • Shirt – must have finished edges at sleeves and hemline.
  • Pants/Overalls/Jumpers/Skorts/Skirts – must have a clean finished hemline. Inseams must not be shorter than 4 inches in length. When arms are extended down the sides of the body, the length should be no shorter than the student's fingertips (case-by-case discretion).
  • Hats – for outdoor use only.

  • Heavy make-up.
  • Spaghetti strap tops.
  • Strapless outfits.
  • Blouses/tops exposing abdomen and/or back.
  • Transparent blouses/tops.
  • Short shorts - See acceptable guidelines listed above.
  • Pants - the size of the waist will not exceed 2 inches of student’s waist measurement; the crotch will be no more than 1/3 down the length of the thigh; the flair of the pant leg will not be more than 4 inches in excess of the student’s leg size.
  • Excessively oversized or baggy clothing.
  • Gang related, drug related, alcohol related, sex related symbols/designs on any clothing.
  • Visible gang related tattoos.
Rev. 07/28/16 rsw

King Kamehameha III School

Kupono:  Integrity; honest, fair

 Safety News and Reminders

Aloha Parents and Guardians:

We welcome you to join us at school, and ask for your assistance as we strive to provide a safe learning environment for your children.

  • ·         Our campus is open for students beginning at 7:00 am.  Do NOT drop off children prior to this time.  They will be unsupervised.
  • ·         When dropping off and picking up students, use the school loading zone on Front Street or the parking lot across from the school.  Do NOT pull into or block “reserved” staff parking stalls on Front Street, or drive onto campus.
  • ·         In order to help us maintain order and security we ask that you exit the school grounds 10 minutes after the beginning bell rings.  (7:45)
  • ·         In an effort to prevent disruptions to instruction, we request that you arrive at the end of the day no more than 10 minutes before dismissal.  (1:05 on Wednesday, 1:50 all other days)
  • ·         Please stay off of classroom lanais and steps while waiting for your students.
  • ·         In order to help us maintain order and security we ask that you exit the school grounds 10 minutes after the ending bell rings.  (1:15 on Wednesday, 2:00 all other days) 
  • ·         We do not provide supervision on our playgrounds after school is dismissed.  Our toys are designed for specific ages and sizes.  We ask that you discourage your children from playing on them before and after school.
  • ·         Guests, visitors, and volunteers are always welcome.  Advanced planning will make this a smoother process.  Please remember to check in at the office prior to reporting to a classroom.
  • ·         Please use the crossing guard and Front Street entrances when entering and exiting the school grounds.  Use extreme caution if walking on the Access Road between Holy Innocents church and our campus.  This is a one lane road that is used by delivery trucks and staff vehicles.
  • ·         Please use only open gates to enter and exit campus.  Do NOT climb over, or lift students over closed gates and fences.  The few minutes you might save are not worth the potential risk of injury that may occur.
  • ·         The Bus Loading Zone on Canal Street is for busses only. Please do not use this area to enter or exit the campus.

No Ka Pono O Na Haumana – It’s all about the students.

Steve Franz, Principal                                                                                                     Rebecca Winkie, Vice Principal

Sep 21, 2016, 2:21 PM