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King Kamehameha III Elementary School – General Information



  1. SCHOOL HOURS:  School hours are 7:45 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday, EXCEPT on Wednesday, when school is dismissed at 1:15 pm.  Campus opens at 7:00 AM.


  1. LATE ARRIVALS:  Students arriving at school after 8:00 am may NOT enter the classroom without a tardy slip, which they should get from the office first. Students are still considered tardy as of 7:50 am.


  1. ABSENT:  Please call to notify the school of tardiness or absences.  The attendance phone number is 662-3955 x 400.


  1. LEAVING CAMPUS:  Parents need to obtain a Student Pass from the school office before taking a student home.  Students may not leave the classroom or campus during the school day without administrative approval.


  1. VISITORS:  Visitors must report to the office to obtain permission before visiting any part of campus during school hours.


  1. SCHOOL MEALS:  Daily: Breakfast = $ 1.10, (30 cents for reduced, or free if eligible).   Lunch = $2.50      (40 cents for reduced, or free if eligible).  Applications for free and reduced meals are available at the school office.  PLEASE apply if you feel you may be eligible.  Juice and Milk at recess = 60 cents, Water at recess = 50 cents for ALL students (no reductions apply).  All meals must be pre-paid in the office.


  1. SCHOOL BUS:  Bus transportation is available for students who live more than one and a half miles away from school.  Applications are available from your area School Bus Driver or in the school office.  Additional inquires can be made to:  Grounds Transportation Roberts Hawaii Tours Office at 871-2639 or 871-6226.


  1. EMERGENCY CARD UPDATE:  Every student should have current information on his/her emergency card in the school office.  Please come to the office immediately to fill out the necessary paperwork if you change your address/home or work phone numbers, new places of employment, secondary emergency contacts, etc.  This is necessary if the school needs to get in touch with you in an EMERGENCY.


  1. LOST AND FOUND:  Lost articles and monies are brought to the office.  Monies found but not claimed will be returned to the finder if there are no outstanding debts.  Jackets, backpacks, slippers, etc., are stored outside the faculty lounge.


  1. STAFF:  Principal – Mr. Steve Franz; Vice Principal –  Mr. Brandon Ueki; Student Services Coordinator – Ms. Renee Vachow; SASA – Mrs. Robyn Rodriguez; Office Assistants –  Ms. Elizabeth Haia, Mrs. Terry Ham and Mrs. Claire Tillman; Cafeteria Manager – Ms. Rena Encarnacion; Head Custodian – Miss Fran Flores; Health Aide – Mrs. Surficia Mowat


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