Make Money Teaching Guitar Online

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. But, if you are tired of not having enough students to support you full-time, you may want to consider taking on some students from all over the world through our live online guitar instructional program. If you qualify, we will promote your work, market your services, and take care of billing for you. You pay nothing until you have a student sign up to take lessons from you. We keep the first month's tuition--which helps to pay our overhead (office, marketing, bookkeeping, billing, online web presence, and support personnel).

If you want to make money teaching guitar students online, please fill out our application form for guitar teachers, telling us a bit more about yourself: your qualifications, your experience, etc. If we think that your qualifications are a good fit for our current needs, we will contact you for more information--and perhaps an interview and/or an audition!