Country Guitar Lessons

Having worked with some of the top country artists in the business, our guest instructor Mark Goldenberg will teach you how to make your guitar sing with that unmistakable country sound that has swept the United States and the world. With country musicians becoming increasingly a force to reckon with in the American music business, country music has come out of the haystack and into mainstream American culture. 

If you would like to try a free 30-minute trial live online country guitar lesson, please email us with your location, time zone, and the times that you would prefer taking your lesson. Please specify that you are interested in our LAGA Live Country Guitar program. 

We could always use a few more qualified instructors to teach in our country guitar live online program. Tell us more about yourself in our application form. If your qualifications look good, we will request a resume or c.v. from you for further consideration. In addition, we may require a live online audition and/or an interview.