Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

This page was created to help LHS students complete the "Extended Application" graduation requirement.  In years past, this requirement was fulfilled during a student's senior year, it is currently part of the required Futures course and is now completed during the junior year.  On this page students will find general information related to the standard and all of the documents needed to complete this requirement.  Further explanations and the setting of specific deadlines for component parts will be given in class.

Extended Application Standard: "The student will be able to apply and extend academic and career-related knowledge and skills in new and complex situations appropriate to the student's personal, academic and/or career interests and post-high school goals."

Step 1:  Complete the "Initial Proposal" document and email it to: exapp@lagrandesd.org
             In class, we will introduce and explain the Extended Application requirement.  After brainstorming and discussing possible project ideas you will need to choose yours, then download and complete the attached "Initial Proposal" document.  Your instructor will respond to your email letting you know whether your idea gets a "thumbs up" (should meet the requirements and you have a green light to continue forward), or a  "thumbs down" (fatally flawed, need to visit with instructor and resubmit).  You may also be asked for further clarification or to slightly modify your project idea. The deadline for submitting you proposal will be determined in class.

Step 2:  Complete your application/project and gather your Collection of Evidence.
                How to gather your collection of evidence and present it will be discussed in class.  Most collections will require a  "Mentor Evaluation Form" or similar document signed by a collaborating adult.  You will need a least two different pieces of "evidence".  

Step 3:  Extended Application Final Writeup:
                Upon completion of your project, you need to tie it all together by summarizing and reflecting upon your experience.  In your writing you need to address all of the areas covered by the "Collection of Evidence" document attached at the bottom of this page.  Print it out and use it as a guide for your writing.  There should be an intro paragraph and then the headings "Relevance" "Rigor" and "Reflection". Finish with some kind of summary paragraph. This should be 3 to 5 pages, 12 pt font, double spaced.

Step 4:  What to turn in:
                There are two distinct parts to be turned in for evaluation.  First, is your Collection of Evidence and second is the Final Writeup.  You turn them in together, prior to the deadline determined in class.  This deadline will be absolute, no late work will be accepted.

Click on the following link to access the Google Document for the application:
  • Initial Proposal
  • When finished email the completed proposal to exapp@lagrandesd.org

Questions:  Contact Mr Ridder either in class, via email or phone (541) 663-3343.

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