Meet the Teacher!

“To learn and never be filled, is wisdom; to teach and never be weary, is love.”--Author Unknown

Smith Family October 2013
 --Robert, Kinsey, Milo

                                    Art AlA Carte, PDX 2014
                                                 --Milo Painting

             Halloween, October 2014
                            --The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog

Hello second-grade students and families!

I am a second-grade teacher at Greenwood Elementary School. I am especially excited to teach at Greenwood, because I also attended Greenwood as a student for 6 years (1st-6th grade). The gorgeous canopy of trees that line Spruce Street are still my favorite scenery for a stroll.

Educationally, I attended school in the La Grande School District--finishing at LHS. After high-school, I earned a bachelor's degree from Eastern Oregon University. I majored in Multidisciplinary Studies, with minors in Elementary Education and English for Speakers of Other Languages. I continue to participate in professional development opportunities through this campus. I recently added a reading endorsement to my license.  I have completed 38 of the 45 credits for my Master's degree.  I plan to finish this school year (by June 2015). 

Professionally, I have also worked as a substitute teacher, a first-grade teacher and as the district ESL Specialist. I regularly teach summer programs and extended day opportunities. This range of experience has offered many valuable learning opportunities--all of which I have loved.

Personally, I love to read. The Kindle Fire has made this addiction much more accessible! It is wonderful!  I enjoy walking around town and visiting Farmer's Market every weekend. Milo, my 19 month-old son, especially loves the live music so he can show off his dancing skills. He is so much fun and growing fast.  He loves to read, his favorite author is 
Leslie Patricelli, who writes a series of baby stories.  Tubby is his current favorite; although, Quiet Loud is gaining momentum. 

Enough about me! I look forward to teaching, learning, and sharing together in the future!

--Mrs Smith