Remember to be Reading!

Getting ready for the Eagle Cap Extreme!!

Our First Week

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Links to read this week:
Matthew Failor was so kind yesterday at his Kennel!  Going through his equipment used, dog care, jobs around, and changes in time.

100 Years old--100 days in school!


Hunter created a presentation after a 
trip to the Eagle Cap Extreme!

Eagle Cap Extreme Dog Sled Race


Book Talk from Cameron and Cade

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Pumpkin Night

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Keira and Fern worked so hard on this project that I just had to post for them tonight!  Love to share the LEARNING!

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Insider article- Mr. Pereira

Can you make a card about him? Should we be creating for the Juniors? What are the results for the Junior race this year?  Blog Post pls!

2017-18 Our world is open for adventures!

Have you been reading:
Worldbookonline     doing research?

Science Engineering with MYSTERY SCIENCE
Pumpkin Night and thank you parents for all your help!

Pumpkin Night


Thank you for bouncing in!   



Don't Laugh At Me!


First Week by Griffin

Our projects are always a work in progress! More editing will take place! 

Movies of 14-15

Diamonds sites

Math packets are OPTIONAL!!!
We are all THANKFUL for one reason or another!

Thank you Heide Paullus from UMESD for helping with this project!


Thank you Mr. Pat for stopping your working and coming in to measure our towers!
Thank you Mrs. Leggett for making the quick video! We are learning to communicate and work together creating, constructing, designing and learning! Science can be in so many things!

I wonder......................... How we can make our buildings taller using the same materials on Monday? 



OUR FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! CREATED and FILMED by your wonderful kids!

Boyd's World

Counting down to the first day of school! Can you believe I am already working on next year's calendar? This will be our hot spot for information!


 LIFE  LONG  LEARNERS!   (the secret phrase)

Being Happy, dancing and having fun with life long learning!

Student Projects
Making and sharing for others to learn from:

Monitor by Landon

Research Project Titanic by Teagan

Research Project Titanic by Noah

Fire Safety Fieldtrip by Shaunasy

One Scary Night

Steward's Day Field Trip
Seven stations of learning.  The class is creating a video about each station, so we can share what we learned to others!

Science Sails


Native Americans

Water conservation

Birds of Prey


Steward's Day Air Quality

City Garbage



An ipad issue please excuse the break in programming tonight! 

Happy is

Each Day a new movie will hopefully appear! Student directed, created, and developed!  
I sure did learn a lot @ INTed  in Portland!!! Hopefully the student projects will show the outcome of the knowledge that I gained. Thank you for the opportunity to share and grow with your kids!                                                                                                                             

                      Snowflakes Hexagonal prism