Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will make me go in a corner and cry by myself for hours.
Erick Idle
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To parents and students: please do not use cell phones to communicate during class time. All electronic devices must be kept in bags or pockets during class unless direct permission is given by me to have them out. They will be confiscated by me if I see them during class. If you must reach your son/daughter please call the office.

Students will learn the fundamentals of rhetoric including how to develop and organize ideas, how to harness the power of language for a specific audience, and how to employ delivery skills in the service of your message. Close attention will be paid to the demonstration of effective and active listening skills.

An important feature of this class is that it is performance-based and the student's grade will be determined largely by four speech performances given throughout the semester. All classwork will be aimed at preparing students to perform at their highest levels for each of these four speeches.

This  course is eligible for dual credit through Eastern Oregon University. LHS students can earn 3 credits for Comm 112 , Public Speaking. Please inquire for registration information and credit requirements.
Contact info at EOU: Laurie Powell  255 Zabel Hall phone: 541 962-3941

Remember: things change. Stay current with what is happening in the class by checking the summaries below every day. If you are absent for any reason you are expected to find out what happened while you were gone.

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