Pilot Extention....

posted Apr 30, 2010, 2:59 PM by kevin crawford   [ updated May 17, 2010, 9:55 AM ]
I have read in other forums about my last blog post stating that the Pilot had been extended and wanted to ensure that the correct information is public.
The following issues were discussed in the meeting assessing the pilot earlier this month.
  • Network Issue -- LA discovered network speed problems in rolling out Apps -- these internal legacy (non-LA GEECS) issues have been addressed.
  • Functionality Missing -- Most concerns around functionality have been addressed with additional training -- getting great feedback internally on that -- new features were requested of Google and the City continues to work with the vendor on those.
  • LAPD is not on board -- LAPD is on board, and scheduled to deploy per plan. The LAPD is performing a critical function of review, required of the contract and of their governing laws, guidelines and agencies. I would expect them to do no less! 
The above issues are part of a normal Pilot and review process and is a normal part of a well-thought out project schedule -- most large rollouts (with any technology) are built with flexible timeframes so issues can be addressed. The Pilot and reviews it contains are to ensure that the product meets SOW. It also tests ancillary products to ensure integration. This is all NORMAL stuff happening here and the project is still on track to deliver per the schedule!
The City will enjoy the benefits of this system and the myriad of additional capabilities it provides, per the justification of this project.
Total number of project tickets is 1017.
  • Communication:              3+ of 4    
  • Schedule:                          2+ of 4    
  • Issue Resolution:            4 of 4   
  • Overall Project Rating:   3+ of 4