Personnel Department, Employee Development Section
700 E. Temple Street, Room 100
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mail Stop 391


If you need further assistance, please contact the Training Coordinator listed for your department or the Citywide Training Coordinator
  • Neighborhood Council members can email for information on Cornerstone training.
  • The Personnel Department Training Coordinator can assist with Personnel Department employees only
  • Department of Water & Power: Division Training Coordinators are listed in the second table at the bottom of the page.
City of Los Angeles
Department Training Coordinators
Department Title Name Phone Number Email Address Fax Number
Citywide Training Coordinator Employee Development Section
Aging Training Coordinator Hosie Thomas 213-482-6728
Aging Training Coordinator Laura Trejo
Airports, Los Angeles World (LAWA) Training Coordinator LAWA Training and Employee Development
Animal Services Training Coordinator Stephania Calsing 213-978-1813
Building & Safety Training Coordinator Jeanean Barajas 213-482-7370
Building & Safety Training Coordinator Lisa Yancey
 Building & Safety             Training Coordinator Fred Ealey 
Cannabis Regulation Training Coordinator Bernice Jackson                        
Cannabis Regulation Training Coordinator Rocky Wiles                       
Chief Legislative Analyst Training Coordinator Karen Kalfayan (Backup) 213-978-1759
Chief Legislative Analyst Training Coordinator Tristan Noack
City Administrative Officer Training Coordinator Claudia Castellon 213-473-7553 213-473-7516
City Administrative Officer Training Coordinator Dana Brown 213-978-7660 213-978-7612
City Attorney Training Coordinator David Trujillo 213-978-7133
City Clerk Training Coordinator Marcia Ruiz 213-978-1119
City Clerk Training Coordinator Sofia Lopez
City Controller Training Coordinator JoVonne Lavender
Charlene Lee
City Council Training Coordinator Marcia Ruiz 213-978-1119
City Council Training Coordinator Sofia Lopez
Convention & Tourism Development Training Coordinator Jessica Pua 213-922-8583 213-922-8514
Convention & Tourism Development Training Coordinator Lizzette Flores 213-765-4252
Cultural Affairs Training Coordinator Jacyn Clayton 213-482-6727
Cultural Affairs Training Coordinator Reverdia Trammell 213-202-5500 213-202-5511
Cultural Affairs Training Coordinator Hosie Thomas 213-482-6728
Disability Training Coordinator Judy Rodgers 213-922-8579
Economic & Workforce Development Training Coordinator Tonja Bellard 213-744-7279 213-744-9308
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument Training Coordinator Noel Zara 213-473-9938
Emergency Management Training Coordinator Anh Nguyen 213-978-0538
Emergency Management Training Coordinator Ellen Linaac 213-978-0528 213-978-0517
Employee Relations Board Training Coordinator Veronica Coleman 213-473-7751
Ethics Commission Training Coordinator Samantha Rodriguez
Ethics Commission Training Coordinator Tina Fong 213-978-1993 213-978-1988
Finance Training Coordinator Sahar Ghaffari (Primary) 213-978-1756
Finance Training Coordinator Megan Houze (Secondary)213-978-1768
Fire Training Coordinator Sandy Lai (Civilian) 213-978-3765
Fire (Sworn) Training Coordinator Maria Pascual 
LaToya Hall
Fire & Police Pensions Training Coordinator Jennifer Barnych 213-279-3092
General Services Training Coordinator Judy Rodgers 213-922-8579
Harbor Training Coordinator Trisha Malahni 310-732-7610
Housing & Community Investment Department Training Coordinator Connie Tan (213) 808-8473
Housing & Community Investment Department Training Coordinator Angel Montoya
Info. Technology Agency Training Coordinator Jun Abad 213-978-0513
LA City Employees’ Retirement System Training Coordinator Charlena Freeman 213-473-7166
LA City Employees’ Retirement System Training Coordinator General Email
Library Training Coordinator Gloria Grover 213-228-7574
Library Training Coordinator Kathy Lindeman 213-228-7575
Mayor’s Office Training Coordinator Marcia Ruiz 213-978-1119
Mayor's Office Training Coordinator Sofia Lopez
Neighborhood Empowerment
(and Neighborhood Councils)
Training Coordinator Kyle Stone 213-978-0513
Office of Public Accountability Training Coordinator Marcia Ruiz 213-978-1119
Personnel (Department employees only) Training Coordinator General Email
Planning Training Coordinator Lily Quan 213-978-1271 213-978-1275
Police Training Coordinator Email with your Division name and we will provide you with contact information for your Division Training Coordinator.
PW: Board Training Coordinator Antonio Zepeda 213-978-1807
PW: Contract Administration Training Coordinator Hector Chavez213-847-2702 213-847-2770
PW: Engineering Training Coordinator Alejandra Gardea
PW: Engineering Training Coordinator Ana Lynn Rocio 213-485-5083
PW: Engineering Training Coordinator Erika Hillard 213-485-5118
PW: Sanitation Training Coordinator Tom Harvey (Primary) 310-648-5929
PW: Sanitation Training Coordinator Dakota Aesquivel (Secondary) 310-648-5447
PW: Sanitation Training Coordinator Shyunta Brown  310-648-5074
PW: Street Lighting Training Coordinator Claudia Coronel 213-847-1448
PW: Street Lighting Training Coordinator Larna Jordan 213-913-4718
PW: Street Services Training Coordinator Gloria Choy 213-847-2892
 PW: Street Services Training Coordinator Martina Ruiz             
Recreation & ParksTraining CoordinatorSelina De
Recreation & Parks Training Coordinator Diana Matamoros 213-202-3229 
Transportation Training Coordinator Stephanie Castro  213-972-5988
TransportationTraining CoordinatorKathie
Water and Power
(DWP Div. Training Coordinators listed below)

Vivian Van 213-367-4039
ZooTraining Coordinator Mae Huey 323-644-6095 323-644-4776
Zoo Training Coordinator Teresa Seipel 323-644-4779 323-644-4776

City of Los Angeles - Department of Water and Power
Division Training Coordinators

DivisionTraining CoordinatorEmailPhone #Type
Board Members and Commission’s Office Staff Jazmin 367-2362Primary
General Manager’s OfficeJazmin 367-2362Primary
Corporate Health and SafetyCheryl Ann (213) 367-8642Primary
Communications, Marketing, and Community RelationsLa Tanya 367-1362Primary
Legal - ClaimsMercedez 202-0557Primary
Legislative and Intergovernmental AffairsNancy 367-0736Primary
Retirement Plan OfficeVacantPrimary
Retirement Plan OfficePamela 367-1703Back Up
Retirement Plan OfficeDora 367-5284Back Up
Retirement Plan OfficeVeronica 367-1661Back Up
City AttorneyCaroletta (213) 202-6311Primary
City AttorneySelena 202-6324Back Up
Power ExecutiveDolores C. 367-4010Primary
Power Steam GenerationRonald P. 524-8570Primary
Power System Safety & Training Debbie (818) 771-4796Primary
Power Admin Services & Power External Energy ResourcesDeborah 367- 0699Primary
Power Admin Services & Power External Energy ResourcesDeborah 367-0699Primary
Power External Energy ResourcesMary 367-4944Back Up
Power New Business Development & TechDavid J. 367-1041Primary
Power New Business Development & TechLudivina 367- 6277Back Up
Power Planning, Development and EngineeringDebra (213) 367-0478Primary
Power Planning, Development and EngineeringAmy 367- 2748Primary
Power Planning, Development and EngineeringFlorita (213) 367-4035Back Up
Power Planning, Development and EngineeringNelly 367- 0416Back Up
Power Construction and MaintenanceDonna 367-7727Primary
Power Construction and Maintenance - Central Repair and Fabrication ServicesErick 367-7733Primary
Power Construction and Maintenance - Testing LaboratoriesNoemi 367-7295Primary
Power Construction and Maintenance - Safety and TrainingFabiola 367-7308Primary
Power Transmission & DistributionGabriela 367-0185Primary
Power Transmission & DistributionKristina 367- 577Primary
Power Transmission & DistributionMaria 367-1835Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionMagdalena Up
Power Transmission & DistributionSima 524-8447Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionDonna 367-6425Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionTracy 771-4291Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionCharis 367-2519Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionValencia 367-0536Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionCherie Lamb 367-2999Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionJennifer 367-6042Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionDebra 522-1721Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionYolanda 367-5507Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionYvonne 775-5379Back Up
Power Transmission & DistributionManuela 771-4090Back Up
Power Transmission & Distribution T&DSS Vegetation MgmtJessical L. 775-5410Primary
Power Construction & Mtce - General Construction Susie 367-7222Primary
Power Construction & Mtce - General Construction Vianey 367-7302Back Up
Power Construction & Mtce - Electrical Station & Electrical Const. & Project Mgmt & Controls
Power Construction & Mtce - ISS SubstationSandra 367-7060Back Up
Power Construction & Mtce - ISS AdministrationAnnette 367-6137Primary
Power Construction & Mtce - Electrical Station MaintenanceJennifer 367-7711Primary
Power Supply OperationsGina 367-4603Primary
Power Supply OperationsHeidi 367-8129Back Up
Power Supply OperationsSharon 294-3223Back Up
Water ResourcesMonica 367-3966Back Up
Water ResourcesHazel 367-4149Primary
Water ExecutiveVanessa 367-3588Back Up
Water QualityJoseph 367-5039Primary
Water QualityBelinda 367-3345Primary
Water QualityJohanna 367- 3389Back Up
Water Operations (Metro)Belinda 367-3345Primary
Water Operations (Metro)Johanna 367- 3389Back Up
Water ExecutiveRegina 367-1990Primary
Water DistributionAilana 367-0222Primary
Water DistributionGwendolyn 771-6307Primary
Water DistributionJennifer 771-6363Back Up
Water DistributionGreta 771-6389Back Up
Water Distribution - Construction SupportAilana 367-0222Primary
Water Distribution - Construction SupportHoang 367-1077Back Up
Water Distribution ExecutiveJesse Adams 367-4401Primary
Water Engineering & Technical ServicesIda 367-4066Primary
Water Operations (Aqueduct)Oscar 873-0203Back Up
Water Operations (Aqueduct)Wendy 873-0394Back Up
Water Operations (Aqueduct)Jessie 872-1104Primary
Security Services and Emergency ManagementTracey 367-1685Primary
Security Services and Emergency ManagementMellie 367- 5093Back Up
Security Services and Emergency ManagementLoryn 367- 2708Back Up
Facilities Maintenance Daniel 367-0624Primary
Facilities Maintenance Operations Support ServicesVacant

Facilities Maintenance Operations Support ServicesSharon L. 367-5007Back Up
Fleet ServicesVacant Primary
Fleet ServicesTeresa (Terry) Ruiz 367-6746Back Up
Fleet ServicesMaria 771-4236Back Up
Fleet ServicesLynette 771-7223Back Up
Executive OfficeJazmin 367- 2362Primary
Executive OfficeWendy 367-8730Back Up
Information Technology Services DivisionFabiola 367 -0077Primary
Information Technology Services DivisionStephanie 367-4165Back Up
Corporate Program Management OfficeLee 367-4331Primary
Equal Employement Opportunity ServicesVacantPrimary
Real EstateArmando 202-0525Back Up
Business Support ServicesOswaldo 367-0161Back Up
Business Support ServicesMiko 367-5030Primary
Supply Chain ServicesSandra 367-8410
Supply Chain ServicesEdna 367- 1852Back Up
Supply Chain Services - Procurement ServicesNicole 367-2126Primary
Supply Chain Services - Material ServicesDonald 367-6641Primary
Supply Chain Services - Material ServicesNisan 367-8434Back Up
Customer Billing and System Support & Meter Services and Field OperationsShuyi 367-2672Primary
Customer Billing and System Support & Meter Services and Field OperationsCephas 367-5411Back Up
Customer Billing and System Support & Meter Services and Field OperationsElkie 367 - 1860Primary
Human ResourcesRuby 367-0119Primary
Human Resources (Labor Relations)Francis 367-2689Primary
Environmental Affairs Administrative ServicesAntonio D. Quirante 367-5199Primary
Environmental Affairs & Energy EfficiencyNina 367-9019Primary
Environmental Affairs & Energy EfficiencyRuby 367-3530Back Up
Financial Services Organization Alicia 367-1432Primary
Financial Services Organization Derek 367-3185Back Up
Financial Services Organization Maria Divina (213) 367-0733Back Up
Customer ServicesMandi 367-3361Primary
Customer ServicesChristopher 367-1921Back Up