Golden Age
Aquarian Age
New Age
New World
New Millenium
Age of Enlightenment
Heaven on Earth
Year 2011 or 2012 or 2013

In the 1930's, the famous "Sleeping Prophet", Edgar Cayce prophesied about the importance of preparing for the New Age of Enlightenment known as the Age of The Lily (see video). 

The Lily and Beyond is a special dispensation from the Divine Heart to help us prepare for the Age of the Lily.  It is being made available through Lily Activators ordained by Divine Grace, so that many may ascendswitfly yet safely, in a manner both poised and sereneto a state of Eden.  The New Man that is awakened by a Lily Activation is a deified one.  He is endowed with peace and an integrated superconsciousness akin to Divine Mind, to help him transition safely through the confusions of the New Age.  His mystical talents and abilities are awakened or enhanced, so that he may communicate with Divine Intelligence and use the Creative Forces to improve his conditions and, thereby, manifest a divine life on Earth.