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Server Based Computing

LA Eagle's Server-Based Computing Solutions

  • Deploying more thin client users over the existing WAN infrastructure
  • Speeding up sluggish response times in remote offices
  • Cutting down the time to execute long print jobs
  • Creating and prioritizing WAN capacity for Server Based Computing

Server-Based Computing (SBC) has been widely deployed with tremendous benefits in many leading organizations & industries using cutting edge technology:

Industry Before SBC After SBC
Retail 10-20 seconds response delays Response delays eleminated
Finance Frequent application disconnects Application disconnects eliminated
Healthcare 7 hour print job 1 hour print job
Service Provider 8 users on a 128 Kbps link 31 users on a 128 Kbps link


Server Based Computing moves the processing power from the client's individual computers to a centrally located Server system. The desktop device is much less important in this environment. Files may be stored in a common location, there is very little room for error with thin clients with absolutely no moving parts.


Workforce mobility. Bring the office anywhere.

  • Provide your mobile workforce with real-time remote access to business-critical applications and data
  • Increase productivity by giving telecommuters and road warriors a familiar desktop-to-go—accessible from anywhere
  • Empower your workforce with high-performance wireless access on a platform that works today
  • Reduce costly bandwidth and telecommunications charges and eliminate traditional compromises for secure remote access

Citrix Delivers No-compromise Wireless Access.

  • Performance — Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite was designed to provide high-performance access to full-function applications—even over bandwidth as low as 9.6 Kbps
  • Security — Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite provides a multi-layered wireless security plan, including encryption and authentication
  • Client Requirements — Any device running the MetaFrame client and a connection to a Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server over a wireless LAN or a wireless WAN
  • Supported Wireless Devices — PocketPC PDAs and Handheld PCs, Windows XP TabletPC devices, Windows XP/95/98/ME/2000 based laptops, Macintosh iBook & PowerBook portables, & Linux laptops

Establish and Manage Remote Offices.

  • Configure, manage and enable application access from one centralized location, reducing the cost of provisioning branch offices individually
  • Improve time-to-value for business expansion with accelerated delivery of ERP, CRM, Web and office productivity applications
  • Eliminate the need to dispatch IT staff to service remote locations with centralized applications management
  • Use the Internet to deploy applications securely with less bandwidth—at lower telecommunication and network costs
  • Enhance customer service with centralized business-critical databases
  • Protect data with a built-in disaster recovery system, and help eliminate costly downtime

Speed Deployment, Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency.

In a business world transformed by globalization, IT staff must be able to provide anytime, anywhere, any-device, any-connection access to the enterprise. They must deliver business-critical applications and information quickly and efficiently. Continuous access to real-time information is integral to success. Accomplishing this across the Internet, or any network, requires robust, centralized application delivery and management capabilities. The solution must be scalable, reliable, manageable and secure. Businesses can count on Citrix Solutions for Application Deployment to achieve this goal—and to maintain their competitive advantage.

  • Allow rapid application deployment—what used to take months now takes minutes
  • Accelerate delivery of a full range of business applications—including ERP, CRM and office productivity software
  • Enable rapid technology integration following mergers and acquisitions
  • Increase ROI by extending the life of existing technology investments—without rewriting applications or changing existing computing architectures
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs up to 50 percent over five years
  • Maximize the productivity of IT staff and reduce IT costs by centralizing data center operations
  • Citrix Solutions for Application Deployment address every company's need to deploy business-critical applications and data across the extended enterprise—while simultaneously lowering the TCO for technology infrastructure.


Citrix MetaFrame software, Microsoft Server software, WYSE thin client devices, server hardware and LA Eagle design, integration and support services.

LA Eagle provides end-to-end consulting, design, component sales, project management, training and ongoing support.