Great Science Websites for kids!

National Geographic for Kids        Features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities,                                                                       and related links.

Time for kids- Science                  Information and resources on science topics of interest to young people, categorized by                                                                       topic.

Earth Clock                                An awesome clock that tracks global changes minute by minute.

Biology for Kids

Fun Science Sites!             Check out these cool science sites!!

The Yuckiest Site!                       Explore gross topics such as eye gunk, vomit, and poop - and the science behind these                                                                          ever-fascinating subjects! 

                                                                Test your knowledge of math and science as you work your way to the million dollar level!                                                                                            Although the questions you will answer are real, the money, unfortunately, is not. 

A sickening Site                             Learn about germs, bacteria, and disease.    Have a blast scoping out the "bacteria in the                                                                                                cafeteria" and solving the "mixed-up microbe mystery."

Air Junk Air Junk                                 You wouldn't believe the junk that is floating in the air: dust, animals, and other particles. Learn                                                                                     how to make make your own airborne-junk detectors.

Funology                                              The name says it all - the science of having fun.

 Earth Gauge                                                     This is a free information service designed to make it easy to talk about links between weather and                                                                              environment with simple facts.

Biology in Motion                                 Entertaining, interactive biology learning activities.

Create a Graph                                      Original, entertaining, interactive biology learning activities


 Cell Explorer                                              Learn about cellular respiration, cell division, and protein production! Great animation.

Cells Alive!

Virtual Electron Microscope     

Microbus                                                     Information about Protistis      

Mushrooms                                                  MDC information on Mushrooms


Animal Kingdom


Biology for Kids- Plant reproduction


Plant Parts and Functions

Carnivorous Plants

Plant Adaptations


Learn about DNA                                 Are you confused about all the talk on DNA and genes? This website has great animated tours.