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Daily Reading Homework:

Monday - read 30 minutes, log, jot
Tuesday - read 30 minutes, log, jot
Wednesday - read 30 minutes, log, organize
Thursday - read 30 minutes, log, write long

The reading homework on Thursdays is to "write long" on looseleaf paper about your reading.  Remember to use the information from your graphic organizer to write AND to use your "Responding to Text Continuum" as a guide for your writing.  An example that we created in class last week is located below.

If you get stuck, a good sentence starter is, "I'm beginning to notice . . . "

Specific teaching points and links will be added throughout the year.  

Unit 1 - Creating a Reading Life and Investigating Characters Across a Series

Unit 2 - Social Issues Book Clubs

Unit 3 - Historical Fiction Book Clubs

Unit 4 - Lifting the Level of Reading

Unit 5 - Nonfiction Book Clubs

Laura Megargel,
Sep 29, 2016, 11:24 AM