Ladue Horton Watkins High School Choir 
Info for classes will be on Google Classroom
We will use this site primarily for practice tracks
Congratulations to 2019 St. Louis Suburban District Choir Students 
Lucy Yue, Olivia Rhodes, Jameson Falconer, Alejandra Pinon-Dickey

Congratulations to these students for their performance at the SLS District Solo Festival

Exemplary: Jameson Falconer, Olivia Rhodes, Ron Weiss, Charlie Yeldham, Lucy Yue
Outstanding: Ashley Balsavias, Leo Bochicchio, Julia Monsey, Alejandra Pinon-Dickey, David Steiner
Spring Concert 2018

Congrats to 2018 District Solo Participants

Ron Weiss, Jameson Falconer, Lucy Yue: Exemplary-Division1 Rating 

Ariel Brown, Alejandra Piñon-Dickey: Outstanding-Division 2 Rating

(handbook is attached below)