18/19 Lessons and Homework

Please check this page every week for updates on class lessons and homework.  Generally, directions for more detailed homework assignments will be on the LAST slide of the day's slide-show lessons (linked by the day).   Ongoing homework expectations include these things:
  • regular reading in a novel that correlates with class work
  • regular notes in response to the novel recorded in the online reading notebook

Week of 9/24-28

posted Sep 21, 2018, 10:49 AM by Janice Davis

WS#1 - Periods 2, 3, 4
HOMEWORK:  Make sure you keep up with your reading in The Outsiders!  The test is FRIDAY!
Mon.: Read ch. 10
Tue.:  Read ch. 11
Wed.  Finish the book
WS#2 - Periods 6 and 7
MON.:  Essay Deadline
TUE.:  Sharing Day
WED.:  Outsider Motif  (day 1)
THR.:  Outsider Motif  ((day 2)

Week of 9/17-12

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WS #1 - Periods 2, 3, 4
FRI.:  Read and Write Day
HOMEWORK You need to read AT LEAST one chapter every night in The Outsiders to keep up with what we will do in class and in your groups.  This schedule show you what you should read on each of these days.  
MON.: Chs. 1-2
TUE.:  Chs.  3
WED.: Chs. 4
THR.:  Chs. 5-6
FRI.:  Chs. 7-9 (weekend reading)

Week of 9/10-14

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If you are missing school on Monday, make sure you click here to read the story "Object Lesson."  It is also linked in Monday's slides on slide #3.
WS #1 - Periods 2, 3, 4
MON.:  Object Lesson (*RA day)
TUE.:   Object Lesson (*RA day)
WED.:  Maniac Magee (*RA day)
You should be at least half-way through your second fiction novel by the end of this week.  For your weekly jots, focus on character analysis.  (Refer to Mrs. Davis' outline on your GCB if you need reminders of daily skills and/or focus questions.


Week of 9/3-7

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HOMEWORK: Make sure you have completed at least one fiction book by this Friday.  Complete your online notebook with the "In-Book Notes" for last week and this week by Friday.
WS #1 - Periods 2, 3, 4
MON.:  Happy Labor Day!
FRI.:  Intro to Character Analysis  (day 2)

WS #2 - Periods 6 and 7
MON.:  Happy Labor Day!
WED.:  Scope Magazine Review

Week of 8/27-31

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What a GREAT first week!  I loved meeting everyone and starting off on such a strong footing.  Don't forget that you are to read at least 150 minutes every week.  Your first book should be finished by next Friday, Sept. 5.  Also, we will work a bit on your online notebooks this week.
WS #1 - Periods 2, 3, and 4
MON.:  Library Visit
TUE.:  NWEA Test
WED.:  NWEA Test
WS #2 - Periods 6 and 7
MON.:  Finish Reading and Life Lineage
TUE.:  Presentations
WED.:  Presentations
FRI.:  Reading and Catch-up Day

WELCOME to the Davis Trailblazer ELA Team!

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Each week you will find the actual lessons, links, and homework listed on this page.  It is updated by Sunday night in most cases.  AND ... there just might be some trivia questions that show up from time-to-time with great rewards for the right answers!  Don't miss this most important information for your ELA classes.  Also, be sure to check the right column for your work.  
WS2 - periods 6 and 7

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