6th Grade Camp Introduction

Dear Sixth Grade Parents, 

Welcome to the 6th grade camp website. We hope to provide you with all the information you and your child needs to have a great time at camp.


6th Grade Camp Parent Presentation

Why Do We Have 6th Grade Camp?

One of the most unique learning opportunities your child can participate in at Ladue Middle School (LMS) is our Sixth Grade Camp Outdoor Education Program. The camp program is designed to promote team building and the use of problem solving skills. 

Outdoor Education has long been an accepted and valued part of the curriculum for schools throughout the United States. Camp programs allow students to participate firsthand in activities that promote team building, present real life problem solving scenarios to figure out, provide true leadership opportunities, cultivate independence, and make new friends. The outdoor setting at camp offers an opportunity for students to participate in activities that are both exciting and challenging. 

We believe the camp program can help students learn to be more self-sufficient by encouraging their participation in meaningful work experiences. These experiences also facilitate students’ social growth through a variety of peer group settings. We have found that through the activities, many students discover untapped potential and leadership abilities. The activities allow students to express themselves creatively and enable them to develop their own initiative.

Not only does our camp program offer challenging problem solving activities, it requires the students to become acquainted with kids from all four Ladue elementary schools as well as those who have come from outside the district. Your child will also find many more familiar adult faces at LMS after the camp experience, due to the fact that many LMS teachers attend camp. 

2017 Camp Dates:

Session One: 
Monday, September 11 through Wednesday, September 13 

Session Two: 
Wednesday, September 13 through Friday, September 15 

Your child will know his or her assigned session the first week of school. 
If you have a need to be assigned a particular session, or have other questions or concerns, please contact our camp director Mark Biernbaum at mbiernbaum@ladueschools.net


  • Ladue Middle School (314) 993-3900

    • If you call school during the day, LMS staff will relay messages to camp.

  • For emergencies during camp week:

    • Camp Nurse: (573) 732-5239 Ext. 131  

    • In the event that you must be able to get in touch with your child while he/she is at camp, please call the camp Nurse. The nurse has a radio and will contact teachers who can locate your child.

  • If unable to contact the nurse: Camp Mihaska Phone Number: (573) 732-5239 ext. 130 or 132

If no answer at the above, and it is a dire emergency you can call the camp director’s house at Mihaska (Terry) 573-732-5002.