Welcome to Mrs. Bosi's Class

Hello! I am Mrs. Bosi. I currently teach junior high math and social studies at Ladd CCSD.  I encourage my students to stay current with their work and seek help as needed.  I am available before and after school and during Academic Advisory.  The best way to contact me would be by e-mail at 

Classroom Expectations

Classroom rules are quite simple.  I expect my students to be Responsible, Respectful, and Ready!

When the bell rings students should take their seats, have materials for class ready, and be prepared to begin learning!  Junior high students are expected to take responsibility for their actions and be active participants in their education.  As their teacher, I can guide, assist, and teach to best of my ability, but ultimately, the students' level of success will be dependent upon them.

Conduct Expectations

The Junior High teachers have implemented a uniform 'Conduct Expectations' policy that we will refer to when assigning Citizenship grades. They are displayed in each classroom and are as follows:

  • To get a 5: role model for others, above and beyond participation, leadership role, NO missing/late assignments, helps others, NO office referrals
  • To get a 4: shows respect, NO office referrals, stays involved with class, ZERO or ONE missing/late assignment, engages in class
  • To get a 3: uneven display of respect, ONE or MORE office referrals, is not an active participant in class, TWO or MORE missing/late assignments, inconsistently engaged in class